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Graduation is one of the most important days in the life of a law student. It's a day of memories and emotion to last a lifetime. Review the details and helpful information below.

Coronavirus Update (Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - 2:00 p.m.)

WMU-Cooley Graduation Ceremonies Announcement - Concern for the health and safety of members of the WMU-Cooley community and their loved ones continues to guide the decisions made by the law school’s leaders. Over the past several days, our Federal, State, and local governments have issued rules and guidelines to direct behavior and activity. By now everyone is aware that these guidelines limit the size of gatherings. Additionally, health officials are indicating the virus’ impact may potentially continue into the late spring and summer months. These developments regrettably dictate the necessity to POSTPONE the law school’s April (Florida) and May (Michigan) 2020 graduation ceremonies. These ceremonies are being postponed, but not cancelled. Members of the upcoming class will have a graduation ceremony at a later date. Graduates, their families, and friends will be given enough time to plan to attend. The ability to make travel plans, prepare for the bar exam, and availability of venue will be considerations for choosing new graduation dates. Be assured the degrees for graduates will be conferred as normal by action of WMU-Cooley’s Board of Directors upon certification of completion of the degree in early May 2020. All bar certifications, verifications for employment, and other school services will be delivered at the usual time of the semester. Please direct any questions or comments about graduation to [email protected].

WMU-Cooley Graduation


Complete all of your paperwork by visiting the Graduation page located on the WMU-Cooley portal here.

Stephen Johnson Field Class Commencement

(Tampa Bay Spring 2020 Graduation Postponed)

USF Music Hall

(Michigan Spring 2020 Graduation Postponed)

Michigan State University

WMU-Cooley graduate

Tickets & Accommodations

Tickets are required for each graduation. Graduates will be emailed before the ceremony to assess the number of tickets required. Seating is on a first come first served basis.

If you or your guests need special accommodations to attend graduation, please contact ESS at [email protected] here.

Photos & Video

A professional photographer will take photos of graduates as they receive their diploma during the ceremony. Each graduate will be mailed a complimentary copy of his or her photo, along with information on how to order additional copies. In addition, the graduation ceremony will be recorded and a downloadable file will be available for purchase following the ceremony from the WMU-Cooley Law Bookstore.

Michigan Travel Information

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Florida Travel Information

Go to the following links to find area airports: Tampa International
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Questions regarding the graduation ceremony can be directed to the Student Services Office at (517) 371-5140, ext. 2846 or [email protected].


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