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Ethics, Service, and Professionalism Programs

Ethics, Service, and Professionalism Programs

Ethics and Professionalism Library

Cooley Law School's Ethics and Professionalism Library maintains over 2,950 titles and 4,670 volumes of ethics materials. The Ethics and Professionalism Library is open to students, faculty, and attorneys to promote the research and study of ethics and professionalism.

Ethics in the Curriculum

Cooley faculty find interesting and probative methods of incorporating ethics into the required and elective courses in both the J.D. and LLM programs. Faculty members have designed and teach elective courses based in ethics, conflict resolution, and pro bono including:

Advanced Professional Ethics, Ethics in Advanced Appellate Techniques, Negotiation and Confrontation, Ethics and Leadership, Negotiation National Team, Advanced Professional Ethics, Advanced Business Mediation, Cultural Competency in the Legal Profession, Facilitative Mediation, the Cooley COMPACT professional development course, Standards and Ethics of Tax Practice, Advanced Practice Skills – Mediation Training, Advanced Practice Skills – Domestic Mediation, Advanced Practice Skills – Multiple Party Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Facilitative Mediation Directed Study, Client Counseling Competition, Interviewing and Counseling, Law Practice: Technology for Solo and Small Firms, Access to Justice Clinic, the 60+ Elderlaw Clinic and all other indigent-based clinics.

Enforcing Student Conduct Codes

Students engaging in unethical or unprofessional conduct are investigated, counseled, and sanctioned, as appropriate. Along with faculty, Cooley students also serve as counselors, prosecutors, and judges in Honor Code cases.

Reports of suspected Honor Code violations and Disciplinary Procedures violations are investigated by "investigating deans" designated for each campus. The work of the investigating deans is supported and complemented by the Honor Council, Discipline Board, Office of Law School Advocate, and Office of Student Assistance. Professor Mike Molitor is the Chair of the Honor Council.

Integrity in Our Communities Speaker Series

Cooley brings nationally and locally recognized speakers to each campus each term to talk with our students, staff, and faculty about issues, trials, and lawsuits touching on ethical and professionalism matters. Students, faculty, and staff gather to hear speakers talk openly about challenges they have faced, and their personal and professional ethics that guided them.

Pro Bono and Community Service Programs

Opportunities to serve the community through volunteer work or through free legal service (pro bono work) are available through Cooley's many clinics and through the Career and Professional Development Office.

Student Wellness

Wellness programming in law schools is becoming increasingly important because of the stress experienced by law students in many facets of their lives. A law student's approach to wellness programming should be holistic and address wellness in all aspects, including social, financial, physical, emotional, career, and spiritual wellness. Students find wellness resources on the Cooley Connect portal.