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Statement of Retired President and Dean Don LeDuc on Passing of Judge Thomas E. Brennan

Thousands of Cooley lawyers and hundreds of present and past Cooley employees, as well as all who participate in a renewed downtown Lansing, owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to Tom Brennan.  Without his commitment, courage, and ingenuity, WMU-Cooley Law School could not have been opened and accredited over 40 years ago, could not have survived its early opposition from the legal establishment, and would not have embraced the concept that legal education should be open to all qualified persons who dream of obtaining a law degree, rather than to the elite.  Even during his retirement years, we have been guided by the principles and approaches he gave us early on.

My deepest sympathies go to Polly and the Brennan family.

Don LeDuc
Retired President and Dean
Professor of Law