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WMU-Cooley Ranks 20th in Number of Women Enrolled in Law School

In honor of Women’s History Month, has ranked WMU-Cooley Law School as a top 20 school for female enrollment in 2020. has published its annual report, “Law School Rankings by Female Enrollment (2020),” which ranks WMU-Cooley 20th, with a female enrollment of 61.02 percent.

According to the Enjuris report, women outnumbered men in law school classrooms across the United States in 2020 for the fifth year in a row. In 2016, women enrolling in juris doctor programs was over 50 percent for the first time, and in 2020, made up 54.09 percent of all students.

The Enjuris post reviews data that shows women have historically been underrepresented in law schools. In 1960, women comprised only 3.5 percent of enrollees in ABA-approved law schools. In 1970, women comprised just 8.5 percent. That's changed greatly over the past 50 years and the demographics of law students have changed dramatically.

Other law schools ranked in the top 20 for female enrollment by include: NC Central University (69.38%), Northwestern University School of Law (69.13%); Howard University (65.65%); New England Law Boston (64.95%), Belmont University College of Law (64.18%),  CUNY School of Law (63.54%), American University (63.53%), St. Thomas University (63.39%), University of the District of Columbia (63.33%), University of Washington (63.20%), Seattle U School of Law (62.97%), Florida A&M University College of Law (62,71%), UC Davis (62.38%), Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law (62.36%); Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law (62.31%); Texas Southern University (61.94%), University of Maryland (61.59%); Southern University (61.18%), and Elon University (61.17%).

Enjuris’ annual independent research first began in 2016, and its data may vary slightly from other published reports based on when information was gathered and methodologies used. is a collection of independent legal resources designed to help people with their biggest questions following an accident or injury. In keeping with its mission, also provides promising college and law school students with scholarships and other resources to help them one day become effective lawyers.

Mar 02 2021