WMU-Cooley Professor Victoria Vuletich Moderates Constitution Day Debate

In honor of Constitution Day, on Thursday, Sept. 14, the Hauenstein Center, the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum hosted "Debating the Constitution." Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Professor Victoria Vuletich moderated the debate between Nathan Goetting, associate professor of criminal justice and jurisprudence at Adrian College; and John McGinnis, professor of constitutional law at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

During the debate, McGinnis and Goetting discussed both positive and negatives of having “originalists,” or individuals who believe that when deciding a case it should be interpreted through the eyes of the document’s original framers, appointed to the Supreme Court.

McGinnis noted, “James Madison said there is no other legitimate interpretation other than what was understood by those who ratified it.” Responding to McGinnis, Goetting said, “Those who wrote the constitution would never have imagined society as it is today with technology and today’s individual needs.”

Sep 19 2017


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