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WMU-Cooley Mock Trial Hosts Interactive Cross-Examination Workshop

WMU-Cooley Law School’s Mock Trial hosted an interactive cross-examination workshop at the law school’s Grand Rapids campus on Tuesday, Nov. 5, to help students prepare for upcoming Mock Trial competitions.

mock trial group

Co-sponsored by the West Michigan Student Bar Association Skills Series, the “Crafting an Effective Cross-Examination” workshop gave students the opportunity to role play in the cross-examination training with a scenario written by Professor Paul Sorensen.

Pictured (from left): Kristen Walenta, Richard Perez, Richard Conklin, Peter Tanoos, Jeff Ingersoll, Tawfiq Ali, Laura Kane, Jeff Lambrix, and Sarvpal Dhillon.

A skills session was led by guest speaker Tawfiq Ali, a business litigator and the principal of Ali Law Practice LLC. During the session, he encouraged students to ask leading questions that would generate a yes answer from the person being questioned, and pointed out the difference responses received from open-ended questions, and compound questions.  

Nov 11 2019