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WMU-Cooley Law School’s Lansing Campus Holds Honors Convocation

On Nov. 15, WMU-Cooley Law School students were recognized for outstanding academic achievement, professionalism and leadership roles with various student organizations during the law school’s Lansing campus Honors Convocation. 

Amia Banks and Arthur Ried

During the event, students Amia Banks and Arthur Ried were presented with the Alumni Association Distinguished Student Award. This award is given based upon academic accomplishment, demonstrated leadership, meaningful extra-curricular activities, and post-graduation plans.

Pictured: WMU-Cooley Law School students Amia Banks (left) and Arthur Ried with their Alumni Association Distinguished Student Award presented to them during the law school’s honors convocation at its Lansing campus on Nov. 15. Banks was also a Leadership Achievement Award recipient.

Banks was also one of seven Leadership Achievement Award recipients. The award acknowledges students who have consistently, comprehensively and effectively provided leadership in a variety of capacities. Banks, along with WMU-Cooley students Jonathan Brignall, Carissa Caulum, Jason Chandler, Karen Prestal, Allison Witte and Ashley Van Fleet, were presented with the award during the honors convocation.

Nov 20 2019