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WMU-Cooley Hosts Lunch and Learn about Mental Health

WMU-Cooley Law School’s Student Bar Association and Mentorship Committee hosted a lunch and learn on “How to be Healthy, Happy, and Successful During Law School and After” at the law school’s Grand Rapids campus on Nov. 12.

lunch and learn grand rapids

During the event, a discussion was held regarding the difficulty individuals have sharing their mental health concerns with others. WMU-Cooley graduate and attorney Aaron Hamming, the featured speaker of the event, began by breaking down the stigma of mental health, even giving examples from his own life about how he felt “everything had to be perfect all the time, and that everything felt urgent.” 

Additionally, Hamming shared tools to help students who are struggling with depression, including getting regular exercise of at least 30 minutes per day, eating healthy, and adding special supplements to their diet and seeking out medical care, if needed.

He explained that students and attorneys often deprive themselves of getting enough sleep and having a regular sleep pattern, and encouraged students to go to bed and get up around the same time every day to establish a sleep rhythm. Hamming also recommended physiological control methods, such as controlled breathing. 

When it comes to law school studies, Hamming recommended that students read their cases out loud in order to prepare them for speaking in front of others, help with their learning and retention, and for muscle memory when speaking about cases.  He also encouraged students to volunteer and network as a way to move forward in their career path.

“Take things an action at a time,” Hamming told the students. “You need to decide what is important, and how important it is.”

Nov 19 2019