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WMU-Cooley Grand Rapids Campus Holds MLK Day Discussion

The Black Law Students Association at WMU-Cooley Law School’s Grand Rapids campus hosted a panel discussion to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on Monday, January 18. Attorney Stephen Drew, of Drew Cooper & Anding, and members of the law school’s faculty participated in the 90-minute virtual discussion, which was open to the community.

Professor Mark Dotson

Drew, who practices in the areas of civil rights, police misconduct, and employment law, spoke about inherent bias and how much of the nation has become complacent with racist rhetoric. "Although people may not necessarily be racists, something needs to be done about a society who is comfortable with Trump's racism," said Drew.

Pictured: Professor Mark Dotson

Professor Mark Dotson explained that in the legal field communication is important, especially when speaking with individuals who may look different or may face societal challenges.  “We all need to learn how to speak to people who are not like us. We can all communicate better and make a connection,” said Dotson, who teaches Torts, Criminal Procedure, Equity and Remedies and Business Organizations.

While reviewing the purpose various laws were put in place, Professor David Tarrien, who teaches Property Law, noted that many laws do not reflect the today’s society. He said, “I teach Property Law and I can tell you that many of those laws are based on white privilege and white supremacy.” 

Jan 20 2021