Students Witness Historic Event During Study Abroad Trip

WMU-Cooley Law School students witnessed a historic political event when they traveled abroad to Oxford, England, over the summer: Boris Johnson winning the race to become England’s next prime minister, replacing Theresa May, who stepped down in early June.

group in oxford

“It was really great to see what I’m learning in class being applied in the outside world,” said WMU-Cooley student Tarria Barker. “It was really eye opening.”

During the five-week trip, 13 WMU-Cooley students had the opportunity meet overseas law school faculty, international lawyers and community members.

“It’s like a big field trip where WMU-Cooley students move overseas for the summer and start living in another place,” said Kim O’Leary, a WMU-Cooley professor who has directed the law school’s foreign study abroad program in Australia/New Zeeland for three years, and worked with the Toronto program. “There are so many values for the students. We live in an international world and we have students who engage with people who are worldwide. Our study abroad program is helping students prepare for the modern world.”

Students who participate in WMU-Cooley’s study abroad program are fully immersed in their destination’s culture as they take international law classes and gain a greater understanding of the parliamentary systems in common law countries.

“It makes WMU-Cooley part of the academic conversation that’s worldwide on many different levels,” said O’Leary. “But there’s also a personal element to the program, and part of the goal is for students to appreciate and understand where they are in this world. Students come back with the knowledge and understanding of how the world interacts, and gain insight into different ways for solving problems.”


Sep 03 2019


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