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Expungement Fair Helps 55 Individuals

On March 22, Cooley Law School, Michigan Department of Attorney General, Legal Services of South Central Michigan, and Safe & Just Michigan held an expungement fair to aid in the removal of certain arrests and convictions from qualifying individuals’ public criminal records.

During the fair, volunteer attorneys and law students under the supervision of licensed attorneys assisted 71 guests with their expungement paperwork. During the event, 55 individuals were qualified to receive assistance. Through the pre-registration process nearly 150 individuals were screened to see if they qualified before the date of the expungement fair.

Michigan law has always allowed for expungements, but the “Clean Slate” legislation enacted in 2020 made more individuals and offenses eligible for expungement. Under the law, individuals with up to three expungement-eligible felonies and any number of misdemeanors can have their records expunged. Certain traffic violations and first-time operating while intoxicated offenses can be expunged. Additionally, misdemeanor marijuana convictions that would not have been considered crimes after recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan can be expunged.

Expungement removes arrests and convictions from a person’s public criminal record, which
makes prior convictions inaccessible to employers or landlords.

Expungement Fair


Mar 25 2024