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Cooley and WMU End 10-Year Affiliation

In 2013, Cooley Law School and Western Michigan University entered into a 10-year affiliation agreement, which ended effective November 10. Both institutions agreed not to seek an extension in order to focus more on their own core mission and values.

During the affiliation, each institution had retained independent governance, as overseen by separate boards and the agreement did not involve an exchange of funds or financial support. The dissolution does not affect the operations of either entity.

Cooley President and Dean James McGrath is enthusiastic about the future of Cooley Law School and everything it has to offer students going forward.

"The end of the affiliation will not affect our ability to continue to prepare our students for the practice of law, as we have over the course of our over 50-year history," said McGrath. "We are very excited about the launch of our new curriculum which the faculty have been working on for months now. We are making sure our curriculum is not only ready to meet the challenges of today but is nimble enough to shift as the law continues to change. I am confident our new curriculum will enhance our program and ensure our graduates continue to be practice-ready upon graduation.”

Nov 10 2023