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About the Cooley Law School Tampa Bay Campus

Cooley Law School is excited to bring the same high-quality legal education to the Tampa Bay area as we have in Michigan.

Cooley's Tampa Bay Campus offers an outstanding facility with easy access to the campus from the highway.

The Tampa Bay area is a great place for students to live and learn the law–in a destination known worldwide for its beautiful landscape, many attractions, and thriving arts and cultural community.

More than six percent of Cooley's applicants come from Florida, and our alumni network of more than 21,000 graduates includes more Florida residents than any other state except Michigan. So our Tampa Bay students will feel right at home.

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The quality of Cooley's program is very high. Because of our academic rigor, our students work hard, but they graduate well prepared to enter the profession. We have the biggest part-time program in legal education, and we are the best at delivering it.

Alumni & Faculty

Cooley has alumni in every state. For example, more than 125 alumni sit as judges in courts of record across 14 states, including several judges in Florida already. Our 21,000+ alumni are in large and small firms, prosecutor and defender offices, corporations, governmental service, and academia.

Students are taught by veteran Cooley professors and counseled and advised by veteran Cooley staffers who have agreed to relocate to Florida.


The Cooley Tampa Bay campus is a 132,000 square foot building just off highway I-75 at exit #254. This facility was certified by the Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF) in June 2013 when renovation was completed.

The Tampa Bay facility has 24 classrooms with 1,374 seats that include four distance educations classrooms with 204 seats, a computer laboratory with 28 seats, a trial courtroom with 90 seats, and an appellate level courtroom with 96 seats. All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic educational tools and the entire building is wireless. Cooley Tampa Bay will soon open its own law clinic with a variety of meeting rooms and offices.

Students, faculty, and staff enjoy the law school's library, which is approximately 25,600 square feet in area with about 15,000 lineal feet of compact and movable shelving. The library includes offices, work areas, reference and circulation areas, study rooms, study carrels and study tables.