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Library Facts-at-a-Glance

Library Facts-at-a-Glance

Library facts at a glance

Supporting the Mission

As a law student, you will find yourself spending a considerable amount of time in the Libraries; and the level of resources, services and comfort the library provides are a major factor in your choice of school.

Statistics about volumes, titles, and serials reflect the WMU-Cooley Law Libraries' mission of making materials available to students and faculty in support of the curriculum, scholarship and research.

Volume Count

The WMU-Cooley Law Libraries have over 753,000 volumes and volume equivalents. The collection continues to grow in both print and electronic resources.

Title Count

The libraries have over 783,000 titles. Title count is a true indicator of the quality of a library's collection. Core materials are available at each location and these are enhanced with many additional titles on legal topics to support the curriculum.

Librarian Assistance

Over 20 librarians, many of whom have both law and library science degrees, staff the reference desks 67 hours per week.  The reference desks support legal research by answering questions, recommending research materials and strategies, and instructing patrons on the use of individual print and electronic sources. Additionally, students receive introductory training in the classroom on many of our resources.


WMU-Cooley has a professional and courteous staff looking forward to helping you become successful in your law school career and beyond.

Net Area

Combined, the WMU-Cooley Libraries are one of the largest academic law libraries in the country. Comfortable and spacious surroundings are ideal for studying.

Number of Seats

WMU-Cooley Law Libraries provide study areas for large numbers of students.  With hundreds of seats available for student use, we are able to provide a variety of seating options to meet the study needs of all WMU-Cooley students.  Multiple group study rooms equipped with white boards are available at every location.


Many students prefer more private study space than a table provides.  The WMU-Cooley Libraries provide large study carrels to WMU-Cooley students.

Hours of Operation

We are regularly open a total of 106 hours a week and open more hours than most other Michigan law schools. WMU-Cooley students have access to WMU-Cooley Library services and resources at all locations. Additionally, the libraries have extended hours during exams. Click here to see the hours page for a calendar of specific changes.  Electronic resources are available remotely at any time or day.

Total Budget

WMU-Cooley Law Libraries have a wealth of print and electronic resources, and a commitment to continued improvement of information resources. Students benefit by having an experienced staff and an abundance of resources available in which to learn and practice the law.

CoolCat—Online Catalog

CoolCat is the WMU-Cooley Law Libraries' Internet-based online catalog, providing author, title, keyword, and subject access to the library's collection. The catalog is available on the web at http://library.cooley.edu. Public terminals throughout the libraries provide access to CoolCat and other electronic resources.

Computing Facilities

The WMU-Cooley Law Libraries are wireless zones allowing the ability to access WMU-Cooley's network from a laptop. Additionally, there are computer labs and plug-in points that provide access to word processing, computer assisted legal research, and tutorial programs. Students have access to Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law and several other online research systems such as HeinOnline, LexisNexis Digital, ProQuest Congressional, and RIA Checkpoint.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative arrangement between libraries to make available to researchers material that is not owned by their "home" libraries. WMU-Cooley Law Libraries provide Interlibrary Loan services at no cost.

Circulation Desk

The circulation desk houses course reserve items (items that faculty members have placed there for the convenience of students) and general reserves (items in high demand).  It also administers group study room sign-up, picking up interlibrary loan materials, and much more.


Tours of the Library are given to prospective students by WMU-Cooley Admissions staff.  Librarians always welcome individual tours as well.

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