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Welcome to the members page of the Cooley Law Review. Our mission is to publish pragmatic and theoretical legal scholarship for judges, practicing attorneys, and students of law. Our Law Review team is comprised of some of the highest achieving students from Cooley Law School. Together, we strive to produce a quality legal publication reflective of the caliber and diversity of students, faculty, alumni, and our school as a community. Our goal is to publish articles that will be useful for practitioners and provide support and guidance for our judicial opinions. 

Law Review membership is available to applicants with:

  1. a 3.0 grade or higher in Research & Writing or Advocacy;
  2. a 3.0 grade or higher in Scholarly Writing;
  3. score of 70% or higher on the ALWD test; and
  4. a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Students may apply while they are taking Scholarly Writing, but their offer of membership will be contingent on receiving a 3.0 grade or higher in that class.

Participation in Scholarly Writing does not automatically qualify applicants for Law Review Membership. No applicant is guaranteed membership, including those applying for associate editor position.