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volume 36 summer 2021 issue 1


volume 35 | fall 2019 | Issue 2

Volume 35 | Spring 2019 | Issue 1

Volume 34 | Summer 2018 | Issue 2

Volume 34 | Fall 2017

Distinguished Briefs

Gro-Green Farm's Application for Leave To Appeal (John J. Bursch and Matthew T. Nelson)


Tug v. Mingo: Let the Plaintiffs Sue—Opioid Addiction, the Wrongful Conduct Rule, and the Culpability Exception (Lauren Rousseau and Dr. I. Eric Nordan)

Executive Order “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”: Violating First Amendment Rights or Altering Constitutional Provisions Granting Foreign Policy Powers to the President? (Melissa Brooke Winkler)

Improving Traffic Safety Outcomes by Engaging Suspended and Revoked Drivers (Thomas A. Ginster)

“Girls Will Be Boys, and Boys Will Be Girls”: The Emergence of the Transgender Athlete and a Game Plan for High Schools That Want to Keep Their Playing Fields Level For All Student Athletes (Ray D. Hacke)


Golf-Course Greens Fees: License Fees or Land Income? (Peter J. Mancini)

A Primer on Michigan Firearms Regulation, University Campuses, and Constitutional Interpretation (Jason B. Puscas)

Volume 33 | Winter 2016

Krinock Lecture Series

The Implications for Canada of a Rapidly Evolving and Reemerging China (David Mulroney)

Distinguished Briefs

PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN V. RAHIM OMARKHAN LOCKRIDGE (Brett DeGroff, Michael L. Mittlestat, and Desiree Ferguson)

PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN v. PAUL CHARLES SEEWALD (Joshua R. Van Laan, Eric J. Smith, and Victor A. Fitz)


Potemkin’s Village on the Divorce River: The Facade of Macar v. Macar (Paul Carrier)

The Florida Constitution: The Right Against Self-Incrimination is Alive and Well in Tallahasee! (Jeffrey Swartz)

Family Farms versus Factory Farms: Preemption of Local Ordinances Under Michigan’s Right to Farm Act, Why the Current Preemption Standard Doesn’t Work and What Needs to Change (Joshua EldenBrady)

Pre-AIA False Marking Statute: Survivor of Constitutional Attacks, Yet Violable as a Qui Tam Cause of Action—Constitutional Analysis of a Bygone Statute (Jesse D.H. Snyder)


Quarantining an Asymptomatic Carrier: A Reasonableness Standard (Christopher Marker)

Picture This: A new Look at voter photo identification (David Beaumont)

Volume 33 | Summer 2016

Volume 32 | Number 3 | Hilary Term 2015

Volume 32 | Number 2 | Hilary Term 2015

Volume 32 | Number 1 | Hilary Term 2015

Volume 31 | Number 1 | Hilary Term 2014 - Symposium Edition


Volume 30 | Number 3 | Michaelmas Term 2013 - Krinock Lecture Series