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Eli Savit

WMU-Cooley Law Review

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

The Thomas M. Cooley Law Review is an intellectual space where students benefit academically and socially. While many are hopeful for a return to the way things were, this committed group is forging a ‘new normal’ that, through diverse scholarship, will continue shaping legal dialogue for years to come. I am privileged to learn from these individuals as well as those before me. Since each and every member of the Law Review has left their mark, I am gifted with a roadmap that guides the Law Review toward excellence.

Our faculty advisor, Prof. Mark Cooney, has been instrumental in preparing me for a role that encompasses administrative as well as editorial responsibilities. Since assuming the editorship, I have been honored and humbled to work with a board that embraces bold initiatives, strategic thinking, and innovative methods. I am equally grateful for the managing members and associate editors who have never hesitated to dive into these unchartered waters with us. Their work ethic, contribution, and impact on the Law Review have made these changes possible.

The Law Review has evolved and will continue doing so because our members are relentless, work with precision, and empower those around them. I am here to promote communication, listen to all ideas and suggestions, and encourage a collaborative approach to decision-making. I am hopeful that by placing emphasis on maintaining an inclusive environment, the Law Review will produce some of its greatest publications and host some of its most engaging events. 

Nancy Zieah
Law Review, Editor-In-Chief



Current Volume

Volume 36 | Summer 2021 | Issue 1