Estimated Cost to Attend Kalamazoo


Below is the Estimated Cost per Loan Period (2 Semesters/8 months) to attend the Kalamazoo location.


Avg FT* (29 total cr.)

Avg PT* (17 total cr.)
Tuition (Based on JD Level I rate of $1,750 per credit hour) $50,750 $29,750
SBA Activity Fee


Room & Board




Personal & Misc.
(Health Care included)


(Parking, Grounds Maintenance Fees included)


Loan Fees


Total Estimated Expenses (for 2 Semesters)



**Freshman Computer


**Freshman Budget

*Averages are based on actual student enrollment data for prior year. Average tuition is reported to the ABA.
**This is for incoming Freshman only, and is a one-time increase for the purchase of a computer.


WMU-Cooley Law School
300 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933 
(517) 371-5140

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