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Why is your Gift Important?

Why is your Gift Important?

Cooley is committed to providing a legal education to people from all walks of life. Cooley is especially proud of its diverse national and international student body where students, through fair and objective admission policies, have the opportunity to learn the law. Tomorrow's leaders learn from today’s leaders, and it is vitally important to support the education of our next generation of leaders.

Cooley is a young law school, and participation is key to building a tradition of philanthropy.

Each year many alumni and friends express their loyalty toward and interest in the people and programs of Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The financial contributions of graduates and friends of Cooley support the next generation of attorneys, judges, elected officials, public interest law providers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs and enhances the legal profession as a whole.

Private support of a private institution like Cooley is more than a tradition – it is critical to increasing the stature of our school. Providing for the future requires greater resources than tuition alone can or should be expected to provide. The support by graduates and others for the common good is one of the most vital principles of our society and our legal community. Support for private education must increase if the next generation of lawyers is to be able to serve the community and the profession.

Philanthropy, so distinctly American, improves the human condition. Philanthropic support of education benefits everyone immeasurably.