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William P. Weiner

William P. Weiner

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

B.A. Kalamazoo College 1969
M.A. University of Michigan 1972 
J.D. University of Michigan 1972 
LL.M. Cambridge University 1985

[email protected]

Professor Weiner was in private practice as an associate with a Kalamazoo, Mich., law firm. He subsequently served as special assistant attorney general for the Prosecuting Attorneys Appellate Service in Lansing. He was appointed to the Cooley Law School faculty in 1975. He also served a six-year term as a member of the State Bar of Michigan's Criminal Jury Instructions Committee.

At Cooley, Professor Weiner initiated an international law study program in cooperation with the University of Caen in 1981 and, in 1983, a two-part study at the Institute of European Studies in Paris, France, and the University of Freiburg, West Germany. He has directed and taught at the University of San Diego School of Law's summer international law institutes in Paris in 1992, in Dublin in 1995, and in Oxford in 1998 and 2002. He taught in Cooley's inaugural Toronto program in 2000 and again in 2005.

In 1997, he organized international summer abroad programs through the University of San Diego School of Law for Cooley students. He also helped develop Cooley's study-abroad program in Melbourne, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; and Toronto, Canada. In 2004, Professor Weiner received a Fulbright award to spend three weeks in Germany, attending a "Seminar for U.S. Administrators in International Education" sponsored by the German-American Fulbright Commission.

A Beattie Award winner and member of the Cooley Legal Authors Society, Professor Weiner taught Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, and International Environmental Law.

Articles (Law Reviews and Law Journals)

  • Weiner, William P., “Another Great Leonardo Da Vinci Yarn: A Review of Nicholas Kilmer's Madonna of the Apes, Scottsdale, AZ: Poised Pen Press, 2005.” 2 Art and Museum Law Journal 81 (2007).
  • Weiner, William and Ronald Bretz, "Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program Lecture," 2 TM COOLEY J PRAC & CLIN L 193 (1998).
  • Weiner, William P. and Royster, Larry S., "Sobriety Check lanes in Michigan: The Sitz Case and its Aftermath," 8 COOLEY L REV 243 (1991).
  • Weiner, William P., "MacNamara v Korean Air Lines (case note)," 84 AM J INT'L L 565 (1990).
  • Weiner, William P. and McCulloch, Michael D., "Sobriety Check points in Michigan: Balancing Sobriety and Propriety Under the Fourth Amendment," 4 COOLEY L REV 247 (1987).
  • Weiner, William P. and Avery, Peter W., "Restitution as an Alternative to Imprisonment," 1982 DET C L REV 45.

Books and Chapters in Books

  • Weiner, William P. and Bretz, Ronald. Update of Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure. Detroit, MI: Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program (1997).
  • Weiner, William P., Favre, David S., and Chopra, Sudhir. INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW. Detroit: Lupus Publications (1993).
  • Marderosian, Howard C. and Weiner, William P. HANDBOOK OF MICHIGAN CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURES. Lansing: Mid-Michigan Law Enforcement Center (Lansing Community College) (1976 and 1978 rev.; 2nd ed. 1980).
  • Weiner, William P. and Marderosian, Howard C. MICHIGAN'S BASIC LAW OF ARREST AND SEARCH AND SEIZURE 1975. Lansing: Mid-Michigan Law Enforcement Center (Lansing Community College) (Annual revisions and 2nd ed. 1979).

Short Works

  • Weiner, William P., "A Theory of Cultural Property: A Review of Joseph L. Sax's 'Playing Darts with a Rembrandt'," 1 Art and Museum Law Journal 69 (2004).
  • Weiner, William P., "The Alien Tort Statute: Is it Jurisdictional or Substantive?" 6 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 363-366 (March 15, 2004).
  • Weiner, William P., "Another Variation on the Recurring Theme of Roadblocks and Checkpoints" 2 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 77-80 (October 31, 2003).
  • Weiner, William P., "Does 25 years to Life for Shoplifting Golf Clubs Worth $1,197 Violate the Eighth Amendment?" 2 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 108-111 (October 28, 2002).
  • Weiner, William P., "Is the Thermal Imaging of a Home an Unreasonable Search, a Reasonable Search, or Not a Search at All?" 5 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 281-283 (February 13, 2001).
  • Weiner, William P., "Anonymous Tips and Terry Stops: Reasonable Suspicion or a Fourth Amendment Violation?", 5 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 276-279 (February 5, 2000).
  • Weiner, William P., "One Crime or Two? The Role of Judge and Jury in Federal Conspiracy Cases," 5 PREVIEW 280 (February 12, 1998).
  • Weiner, William P., "Ours or Theirs?' The Impact of the Assimilative Crimes Act on Federal Prosecutions," 2 PREVIEW 82 (October 20, 1997).
  • Weiner, William P., "When Doctrines Clash: Deciding When to Apply a Supreme Court Criminal Law Decision Retroactively," 4 PREVIEW 230 (December 23, 1996).
  • Weiner, William P., "Honey, I Lost the Car: Aggressive Use of Civil Forfeiture to Combat Vice and Drug Crimes," 3 PREVIEW 115 (November17, 1995).
  • Weiner, William P., "Child Pornography Convictions Under Federal Law: How Much Must a Defendant Know About the Performers?," 1 PREVIEW8 (October 1, 1994).
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  • Weiner, William P., "Containers in Cars: Does the Vehicle-Search Exception Always Apply?," 5 PREVIEW 160 (January 25, 1991).
  • Weiner, William P., "The 'Plain View' Exception to the Warrant Requirement: Is Inadvertence Necessary?," 10 PREVIEW 341 (May 11,1990).
  • Weiner, William P., "Are Sobriety Checkpoint Programs Unconstitutional?," 8 PREVIEW 260 (March 16, 1990).
  • Weiner, William P., "Make Yourself at Home: The Fourth Amendment Rights and Privacy Expectations of Overnight Guests," 8 PREVIEW 257(March 16, 1990).
  • Weiner, William P., Review of SIR GEORGE LEWIS: MORE THAN A VICTORIAN RUMPOLE by John Juxon. 63 U DET L REV 867 (1986).

Other Writings

  • Weiner, William P., theme issue coordinator, "Introduction to International Law Section Theme Issue," 69 MICH B J 635 (July 1990).