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B.A., cum laude, Fort Lewis College 1982
J.D. University of Denver School of Law 1993

[email protected]

Professor Victoria V. Vuletich has expertise in legal ethics, the regulation of the legal profession and drafting and proposing administrative rules relating to the legal profession. She also has expertise in the restructuring of the legal profession and its implications for the profession and the public.

Professor Vuletich joined the full-time WMU-Cooley faculty in 2008 after working with the State Bar of Michigan since 1999. As the deputy division director of the Professional Standard's Division, Professor Vuletich advised attorneys regarding ethical dilemmas they were facing. She served as staff counsel to the State Bar of Michigan Client Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law programs and developed and managed the Practice Management Resource Center.

She has unique experience in researching, formulating and advocating court rule and policy proposals involving professional responsibility matters. She has practiced in state and federal trial and appellate courts, including the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Previously, she was in private practice 1993-1999 with Shanahan Hoy & Kremski, in Owosso, Michigan, where her practice emphasized personal injury, landlord/tenant, and family law matters.

She is a frequent presenter on legal ethics issues. Professor Vuletich is former chairperson of the American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Professional Responsibility Continuing Legal Education Committee. She was a member of the ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection 2004-2008. She is a former member of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility Policy Implementation Committee.

Most recently, Professor Vuletich was a guest lecturer at Hertford College, Oxford University, United Kingdom.

At WMU-Cooley, Professor Vuletich teaches Professional Responsibility and Evidence.


Articles (Law Reviews and Law Journals)

  • Victoria Vuletich, Value v. Reason: What We Can Learn from Our Colleagues “Across the Pond:” A Comparison of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct, 39 J. Legal Prof. 49 (2014).
  • Victoria Vuletich, Is Property More Important than People - The Moral Inadequacy of Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.6, 2 Charlotte L. Rev. 187 (2010).
  • Victoria Kremski, On Pit Bulls, Piranhas & Other Creatures:  Why Attorney Advertising Makes Us Gnash Our Teeth and Wring Our Hands and What Can Be Done about It, 11 T.M. Cooley J. Prac. & Clinical L. 359 (2009).
  • Nelson Miller & Victoria Kremski, Who Is the Customer and What Are We Selling? Employer-Based Objectives for the Ethical Competence of Law School Graduates, 33 J. Legal Prof. 223 (2009).

Books and Chapters in Books

  • Victoria Vuletich, "Developing Relationship Skills in Law Students," in Teaching Law Practice: Training the Next Generation of Lawyers, edited by Charles Cercone, Nelson P. Miller, & Christopher Trudeau, 52-56  (Vanderplas 2013).
  • Victoria Vuletich & Nelson P. Miller, The Law, Principles, and Practice of Legal Ethics, (Vanderplas 2d ed. 2012).
  • Victoria Vuletich & Nelson P. Miller, The Law, Principles, and Practice of Legal Ethics, (Vanderplas 2011).

Short Works

  • Robert D. Archer & Victoria Vuletich, Ethics and the Internet, 94 Mich. B.J., May 2015, at 50.
  • Victoria A. Vuletich, Changing Pace: An Opportunity to Redefine Ourselves, 94 Mich. B.J., Oct. 2015, at 36.
  • Victoria Vuletich, From TripAdvisor, Steve Jobs, and Our Colleagues Across the Pond, 93 Mich. B.J., Sept. 2014, at 60.
  • Victoria Vuletich, What IKEA Tells Us about the Business Model of Law Practice, 92 Mich. B.J., May 2013, at 58.
  • John D. Crane & Victoria Vuletich, Customer Relationship Management Software: Help for Attorneys in a Competitive Marketplace, 91 Mich. B.J., July 2012, at 52.
  • Victoria Vuletich, Effective Attorney Advertising - Why It Will Improve Your Life, 88 Mich. B.J., Dec. 2009, at 44.
  • Victoria V. Kremski, Promoting Public Confidence in the Legal Profession: The State Bar of Michigan Client Protection Fund, 82 Mich. B.J., Jan. 2003, at 36.
  • Victoria V. Kremski, Serving Clients in a Multidisciplinary Practice: As MDPs Become a Reality, Attorneys Must Strictly Uphold the Core Values of Their Profession, 80 Mich. B.J., Oct. 2001, at 32.
  • Victoria Kremski, Multidisciplinary Practices and the Main Street Lawyer, 79 Mich. B.J., Sept. 2000, at 1196.
  • Victoria V. Kremski, Ethical Ramifications for Michigan Attorneys Involved with Will and Trust Kit Solo companies, 79 Mich. B.J., May 2000, at 552.
  • Victoria V. Kremski, Unauthorized Practice of Law and Landlord-Tenant Cases, 78 Mich. B.J. Sept. 1999, at 964.
  • Thomas K. Byerely & Victoria V. Kremski, Trust Kits and the Unauthorized Practice of Law, 78 Mich. B.J., Aug. 1999, at 844.



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