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Richard C. Henke

Richard Henke


B.A. University of Notre Dame, 1983 
J.D., cum laude, Syracuse University College of Law, 1986

[email protected]

"As Justice Cooley famously said, we must recall that we are teaching students to be ministers of justice. They must not only know and apply the law, but they must bring a deep sense of fairness and equity to bear on their legal studies and eventual practice of law."

I started at Cooley Law School in 1996. I have expertise in Torts and Remedies, with a special emphasis on Products Liability and Environmental and Toxic Torts, and issues dealing with aggregate litigation and its resolution.

I began my legal career as a judicial law clerk in the Superior Court of New Jersey. In 1987, I was appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Special Master for the asbestos litigation in New Jersey. Subsequently, I was appointed as Special Master in other mass tort litigation, including major landfill cases and the silicone gel breast implant litigation.

In 1991, I became an adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School. I taught Products Liability and Toxic Torts, an elective I developed for upper-term students. I have published several articles in the field of Products Liability, co-authored a chapter of a Products Liability casebook, and written an article in the area of family law. In 2005, I was elected to the American Law Institute.

I am a 20-time winner of the Stanley E. Beattie Award for excellence in teaching and a member of the Cooley Legal Author Society. I teach Torts I and II, Environmental Torts, Equities & Remedies, and Products Liability.

Articles (Law Reviews and Law Journals)

  • Richard C. Henke, Workers' Compensation in New Jersey: Toward a Removal of Workers from the Sacrificial Altar of Production Quotas, 56 Rutgers L. Rev. 789 (2004). Reprinted in 26 Workers' Comp. L. Rev. 143 (2004).
  • Richard C. Henke, Comparative Fault in Products Liability: Comparing California and New Jersey, 19 T.M. Cooley L. Rev. 301 (2002).
  • Richard C. Henke, The Heeding Presumption in Failure to Warn Cases: Opening Pandora's Box?, 30 Seton Hall L. Rev. 174 (1999).
  • Hon. John E. Keefe & Richard C. Henke, Presumed Knowledge of Danger: Legal Fiction Gone Awry?, 19 Seton Hall L. Rev. 174 (1989).

Books and Chapters in Books

  • Frederick T. Smith & Richard C. Henke, "Damages and the Problems of Apportionment", in New Jersey Product Liability Law, (New Jersey Law Journal Books Supp. 1998).
  • Frederick T. Smith & Richard C. Henke, "Contribution and Indemnification in Products Liability Litigation" in New Jersey Product Liability Law, (New Jersey Law Journal Books Supp. 1997).
  • Richard C. Henke, "Contribution and Indemnification in Products Liability Litigation" in New Jersey Product Liability Law, by John L. McGoldrick & Frederick T. Smith. (New Jersey Law Journal Books 1994).

Short Works

  • Philip A. Tortoreti & Richard C. Henke, The Continuing Viability of Santor v. Karagheusian: Does Strict Liability Apply to Direct Economic Loss Cases Involving Consumers and Commercial Entities?, N.J. LAW., June 1998, at 16.
  • Philip Witt & Richard C. Henke, Child Custody Evaluations: Legal Standards, Trial Law., Oct. 1989, at 12.


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