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Patrick Corbett

Assistant US Attorney

Assistant US Attorney, US Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Michigan
B.A., Michigan State University
J.D., University of Notre Dame

Patrick Corbett is an Assistant US Attorney, responsible for federal cases all the way from the investigative stage, including federal grand jury process and court hearings in US District Court, through appeal to US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. He is assigned to the National Security Unit, focusing on terrorist-related and cyber-facilitated national security crimes. He is designated as a Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property (CHIP) Coordinator and a National Security Cyber Specialist. 

He is also Distinguished Professor Emeritus at WMU Cooley Law School. He has taught Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and was previously Chair of the Criminal Law Department. He also served as Director, Office of Law School Advocate. Patrick Corbett has published a text book, several articles and presented over 150 times to lawyers, law enforcement, judges, information technology professionals, children, educators, parents and social scientists. He teaches Cybercrimes.