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Matt Marin

Matthew Marin

Director of Academic Support Services, and Associate Professor

B.A., Lawrence University, Cum Laude 
J.D., Cooley Law School, Magna Cum Laude
LL.M., Cooley Law School

[email protected]

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey, Attributed

I am an Associate Professor and the Director of Academic Support Services. I currently teach Contracts, Torts, Bar Exam Skills, Bar Exam Skills Plus, Florida Bar Exam Skills, and Florida Bar Exam Skills Plus. I also oversee Cooley’s Dean’s Fellows peer-education program and the bar assignments in Cooley’s Professional Development Series.

I joined Cooley in 2013. During my time at Cooley, I have managed Cooley’s Academic Resource Center, conducting workshops, seminars, group and individual meetings focused on building skills necessary for law-school success. In addition to the courses that I currently teach, I have taught Contracts I, Contracts II, Research & Writing, Drafting, Florida Bar Exam Distinctions, Florida Bar Workshop, BarPlus, and Introduction to Law II.

Teaching has always been my passion. During law school, I was a Managing Associate Editor on Law Review and a Teaching Assistant for Scholarly Writing. I was also a Teaching Assistant at Lawrence University, in Appleton, Wisconsin, for multiple biology courses. My undergraduate background is in biology and chemistry, and my love for science prompted me to obtain an LL.M. in Intellectual Property.

I currently serve on the Michigan Bar Journal Advisory Committee. I was Of Counsel with the Marin Law Firm in Marquette, Michigan, assisting with the research, drafting, and writing of appellate briefs for many years. I have also worked for Themis Bar Review, Kaplan Bar Review, and have been a volunteer with the Bay Area Legal Services Domestic Violence Assistance Project and Family Forms Clinic.


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Lectures & Workshops

  • "Don't Stop at the D: Incorporating the E(quity) and I(inclusion) of DEI Into Law School Teaching," for Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting (January 5, 2023). 
  • "Memory: The Past, Present, & Future of Law School Exams" for Hamilton Lugar School Symposium (June 17, 2022). 
  • "EXCELerate: A Seamless Skills Curriculum From Pre-Orientation Through The First Term," for The South Florida Regional ASP Conference (January 28, 2022). 
  • “Creating and Administering an Asynchronous Course: Why it Works, and Why We Plan to Keep Doing it This Way,” for the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning Summer 2021 Conference (June 10, 2021).
  • “Compassion in Law School: Post-COVID-19 Implications" for Hamilton Lugar School Symposium (January 14, 2021).
  • “Remote Teaching Methods: Best Practices" for the New England Consortium of Academic Support Professionals (NECASP) Annual Conference (March 26, 2021).