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Marylynn Bain

Marylynn Bain

Director of Enrollment Data Systems

B.A. Michigan State University
517.371.5140, extension 2910
[email protected]

"The law school professionalism, academic program, together with the care of all of our staff, faculty, and leadership make Cooley Law School a very unique and desirable law school to attend."


I joined WMU-Cooley in its earliest days with 76 students.  I am the first full-time employee hired by Thomas E. Brennan, the founder of the law school.  I was fortunate enough to work with Judge Brennan and his wife Polly for a number of years.  My previous positions at the law school have included Registrar, Director of Placement and Alumni Relations, and Special Assistant to the President.  I have held the position of Director of Enrollment Data Systems with the Enrollment and Student Services Division since 2007.  I have been fortunate to work with a great team and family at the law school which continues to improve each year.

I have participated in numerous ABA and LSAC Conferences in addition to annual software conferences.