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Lisa K. Halushka

Lisa K. Halushka

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

A.B., University of Michigan, with Distinction, 1986
J.D. University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, magna cum laude, 1989

[email protected]y.edu

Assistant Dean Emeritus Lisa Halushka has expertise in criminal law, criminal procedure, evidentiary issues, juvenile law and delinquency and child abuse and neglect and child protection proceedings.

Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka taught Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka spent 15 years as a litigation attorney, having served 11 of those years as an assistant prosecuting attorney for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. During her last three years with the Prosecutor’s Office she was chief of the Juvenile Division. Most recently she served as chief counsel of the Juvenile Law Group for the Legal Aid and Defender Association of Detroit, representing children in misdemeanor, felony and child abuse offenses.

The substantive focus of her work has been in the area of criminal law and juvenile law, specifically child abuse, neglect and delinquency. As part of her work, Dean Halushka has handled bench and jury trials in the district and circuit courts of Wayne and Oakland County.

While in practice, Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka lectured throughout the state on issues concerning juvenile delinquency and neglect. She has trained law enforcement officers on criminal procedure issues and on youth gang activity and provided continuing legal education for attorneys practicing juvenile or criminal law. While in practice the Michigan Lawyer's Weekly named Dean Halushka as one of its Top 10 Lawyers in Michigan for the year 2000, following her successful murder prosecution in People v Abraham. She has appeared numerous times as a juvenile and criminal justice expert on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News channels.

Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka has been a member of the juvenile law committee of the Oakland County Bar Association and the Children's and Criminal Law Sections of the Michigan State Bar Association, fellow of the Michigan State Bar Foundation and member of the Oakland County Bar Foundation.

Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka has authored articles on issues involving criminal law and procedure in publications including The Wayne Law Review and the WMU-Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law. She has authored on criminal procedure topics for the American Bar Association’s Preview of Supreme Court Cases, and was a contributing editor for Fourth Amendment Issues for that publication.

As a law student Assistant Dean Emeritus Halushka graduated magna cum laude near the top of her class and was the University of Detroit Law Review’s Case and Comments Editor. She was a member of the American Inn of Court, the Urban Law Clinic and the St. Thomas More Society.

Articles (Law Reviews and Law Journals)

  • Lisa K. Halushka, The Prosecution Externship - From the Classroom to the Courtroom, 11 T.M. Cooley J.  Prac. & Clinical L. 323 (2009).
  • Lisa K. Halushka, 2006-2007 Criminal Procedure: Annual Survey of Michigan Law, 54 Wayne L. Rev. 129 (2008).
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  • Lisa Tomko, Note, United Nations Convention on the Sale of International Goods: Its Effect on Canadian and American Sales Law, 66 U. Det. L. Rev. 73 (1988).

Book and Chapters in Books

  • Lisa Halushka, “Juvenile Court Practice,” in Criminal Procedure Manual (Inst. of Continuing Legal Educ.  2009).

Short Works

  • Lisa K. Halushka, Is a Prior Domestic Assault Conviction Based on Reckless Conduct a “Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence” for the Purposes of the Federal Firearms Ban? 43 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cases 169 (2016).
  • Lisa K. Halushka, Does the Fourth Amendment Mandate Suppression of Evidence Discovered During a Search Conducted in Reliance on Existing Precedent Subsequently Ruled Unconstitutional? 38 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cases 256 (2011).
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  • Lisa K. Halushka, Does the Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule Apply to Police Error? 36 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cases 23 (2008).
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  • Lisa Tomko & Pamela Maas, Child Sexual Abuse: Issues at Trial in Criminal & Child Protection Proceedings, 333 LACHES (Oakland Cnty. B. Ass’n), Oct. 1993, at 14.


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