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Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

Your faculty at Cooley Law School bring real-world experience into the classroom, making learning robust and relevant. Cooley professors bring an average of over 11 years of practice experience before ever joining the faculty at Cooley; many in high-profile positions. You could learn criminal law from a professor who was a prosecutor for more than 20 years and learn about constitutional law from a Brigadier General and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense Strategy. These are just two examples of the caliber of professors from which you’ll learn the law. The real-world experience of our faculty complements the theoretical foundation of our proven modern teaching methods. As mentors, they combine their experience practicing law with a love of teaching, providing individualized support and continuous feedback to each student.

Name Title


Tammy Brown Asher Professor


Brendan Beery Professor
Tracey Brame Associate Dean of Experiential Learning and Practice Preparation, and Professor


Bradley Charles Professor
Christine Zellar Church Professor
Mark Cooney Professor


Mark A. Dotson Professor
Renalia Smith DuBose Professor


David Finnegan Professor
Dustin Foster Professor


Katherine A. Gustafson Florida Assistant Dean, and Associate Professor


Joseline Jean-Louis Hardrick Associate Professor
Richard Henke Professor
James M. Hicks Professor
Emily S. Horvath Professor


Barbara Anna Kalinowski Professor
Tonya Krause-Phelan Associate Dean of Academics, and Professor


Don LeDuc Retired President, and Professor


Matt Marin Director of Academic Support Services, and Associate Professor
Mable Martin-Scott Professor
Michael McDaniel Director of Homeland & National Security Law LL.M., and Professor
James McGrath President, Dean, and Professor
Michael K. Molitor Director of Corporate Law & Finance LL.M., Professor and Acting General Counsel
Martha Moore Professor


Florise Neville-Ewell Professor
Monica R. Nuckolls Professor


Duane Strojny Associate Dean of Library, and Instructional Support, and Professor
Jeffrey D. Swartz Professor


Amy Timmer Associate Dean of Students, and Acting Director of the Office of Graduate Programs
Patrick E. Tolan, Jr. Professor


Joan Vestrand Professor