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Learn from faculty who have been there, done that. Our full-time, tenure-track professors are experienced both as teachers and scholars and—unlike at most law schools—as practicing lawyers. They came to the Law School already expert in their fields, averaging 13 years of law practice before joining our faculty. Students thus are taught the law and how to practice it by professors who have tried cases, closed deals, negotiated settlements, drafted estate plans, and offered valuable legal advice to individuals, corporations, and governments. 



Need a Faculty Legal Expert?

Please contact one of our public relations professionals below for assistance. Because of their recognized expertise and accessibility, Cooley's faculty members are much sought after as media experts. Their deep academic backgrounds combined with real-world knowledge make them exceptionally fit for media commentary on the important topics of the day. 

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Emily Horvath

Imagine learning criminal law from a professor who was a prosecutor for 20 years. Or learning about constitutional law and national security law from a retired general who is the former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense. Or studying with a former corporate general counsel.Our adjunct professors, consisting of leading judges and lawyers in our communities, bring additional wealth to the classroom learning experience. Their in-depth experience allows the Law School to offer instruction in specialized, exciting areas that law students seek to study. Our students regularly boast of the faculty's accessibility, commitment to student success, and dedication to the ideals of practical legal scholarship and academic excellence. Contact us for more information about these great teachers.

Nationally Recognized Research & Writing Program

Cooley was one of the first law schools to recognize that mastery of research techniques and writing skills is as important as mastery of torts, contracts, and property law. And now Cooley is home to the Kimble Center for Legal Drafting, an academic and public-service center with a board of internationally renowned advisors.

Cooley students are required to take eight hours from our Research & Writing curriculum.

  • First-year Research & Writing and Advocacy courses are taught by full-time, tenure-track professors with extensive teaching and law practice experience.
  • Our instructional program uses a problems approach from which students learn the best and latest research skills, techniques, and technologies.
  • Cooley was one of the first law schools to require legal drafting—long a part of our curriculum. Our students are taught how to draft contracts, releases, and even legislation. They also learn how to spot and resolve various types of ambiguity, skills helpful to drafters and courtroom advocates alike. 

Research & Writing Department

The scholarly efforts of the Law School's Research & Writing professors reflect our faculty's commitment to practical skills, plain language, and clear communication. Our Research & Writing professors have edited numerous legal writing publications, including The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, the nation's oldest law journal devoted exclusively to legal writing. And their articles have appeared in publications such as The Green Bag, Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD, Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, the Michigan Bar Journal, The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Student Lawyer, TRIAL, various law reviews, and elsewhere.