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There are many facets of a good lawyer. Knowledge and understanding of the law is key. However, there are a host of skills necessary to effectively put that knowledge into practice. Lawyers must be good writers, effective communicators, and sensitive to the various backgrounds and cultures of those whom they serve. They must also be able to conduct thorough research and provide thoughtful analysis.

Here at Cooley, we believe in learning by doing. Your substantive courses will arm you with a firm foundation of legal knowledge and understanding of critical concepts. We also provide an array of skills courses and simulation opportunities that will hone your ability to apply your knowledge to resolve disputes.

In addition to elective courses such as trial skills, pretrial skills, and client counseling, you can also participate in moot court, mock trial, and client counseling competitions. You will compete against your classmates as well as students from around the country. Competition boards are led by students, which provides opportunities for planning and leadership, which are also important lawyering skills.