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Cooley Law School Alumni Memorial Scholarship Award

Cooley Law School Alumni Memorial Scholarship Award

Alumni Memorial Scholarship Award

The Alumni Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually during the Hilary Term Honors Convocation. The award is funded by the yearly interest income generated from the principal balance of the Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

Eligibility is limited to students in good standing who have earned between 30 and 80 credit hours and who complete a scholarship application. The Alumni Association Executive Committee selects recipients based on the following criteria: demonstrated need, character, and potential to become an outstanding lawyer.

Since establishing the scholarship in 1989, the Alumni Association has awarded more than $154,000 in scholarships through this award. 





March 2024 Charles Bloomfield
Troy Conti
Kyndal Midkiff
Sarah Tanner
March 2023 Hannah Murphy
Carly Ovitt
Michala Ringquist
Elpiniki Roussos
March 2022

Carol Bello
Riley Stheiner

March 2021 Ronja Lugo-Akergren
You Qu
Denise Suters
March 2020 Leonard Peoples
Ray Petty
March 2019 Yarenis Martinez
March 2018 Kishnee Theus
March 2017

Anna Mikolajczak
Katie Sabo
Luciana Viramontes

March 2016

Christine Gaulustians
Julie Lawler-Hoyle

April 2015

Dalton Carty, Jr.
Adriannette Williams

March 2014

George Latimer-Knight

March 2014

Ziadanne Lewis

March 2013

Salina Choice

March 2013

Irena Brooks

March 2012

Victoria Benavidez

March 2011

Vanessa Monroe

May 2010

Daniel J. Reaume

March 2009

Sarah Ramsey

March 2008

Heather M. LaBombardi

March 2008

Keela P. Johnson

March 2007

Mariela Sagastume

March 2006

Timisha J. Brooks

March 2005

Frances Kingston

March 2005

Keysha Harris

March 2004

Kristine Dax

March 2003

Rogelio Chapa

March 2002

Stephen R. Boehringer

March 2001

Ruben Franco, Jr.

March 2000

Sherri T. Fleming

March 1999

Kristina Marsh

March 1998

Eric Ellison

March 1997

Kim M. Boersma

March 1996

Jill Humphreys Steele

March 1995

Khalid A. Kahloon

March 1994

Gail L. Abrams

March 1993

Tara Shay Rafter

March 1992

Tammy L. Brown

March 1991

Jennifer Light

March 1990

Randall W. Reynolds, Sr.

July 1989

Kathleen Hughes

July 1989

Elaine V. Donnoe