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A Culture of Giving

A Culture of Giving

Giving Opportunities

Giving not only connects us to others and makes us feel good, it creates a stronger community, locally and globally. Philanthropic support for WMU-Cooley is key to our mission of providing a high quality legal education to all who desire it. Below is a listing of the many funds to which alumni and friends of the Law School have given generously to support our students.  Click here to give to the Law School.


Adele I. Kessler Scholarship Fund

This award was established in 1984 by the Adele I. Kessler Foundation of New Jersey. It provides a scholarship to a current Cooley Student from New Jersey

Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by donations from the school’s alumni to provide scholarships to second-year and third-year students who demonstrate the character and potential to become outstanding lawyers and have financial need.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Scholarship

This fund is used to provide scholarship support to students who serve in leadership roles in the Black Law Students Association.

Dale Malewska/Robert Wissmuller Fund Scholarship

Established in 2003, the fund will be awarded to a currently enrolled student who has earned at least nine credit hours at Cooley and who is a student of good character and in good academic standing: with preference given to those individuals who hold a position at any Cooley student publication.

Dr. Patricia Wilson Academic Achievement Award

The award was approved by then-President Don LeDuc upon the retirement of Dr. Patricia Wilson, the founding Director of the Academic Resource Center (ARC). This award is given annually during Hilary Term to a student or graduating senior who has been successful academically and has, in some way, been affiliated with the Academic Resource Center. Also the recipient should portray the characteristics of Dr. Wilson – compassion, strong work ethic, and service.

Endowed Scholarship for Students with Financial Need

The Endowed Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to third-year students (those who have completed 60 credit hours) who have substantial financial need. To be eligible for consideration and selection, students must be in good academic and administrative standing, and may not be recipients of merit or other scholarships. Recipients shall not have been subject disciplinary action. The scholarship will be 10 percent of tuition or up to 30 credit hours, beginning with the completion of 60 credit hours. Students who are selected, but become eligible for more merit scholarships, will receive the scholarship that provides the higher amount.

Eric Ecker Memorial Scholarship Fund

Through the initiative of Professor Justin Brooks, this fund was established in 1998 in memory of Eric Ecker, a Cooley student who passed away before completing his legal education at Cooley Law School. This fund provides a scholarship each year to a student who engages in an externship involving progressive legal work, such as Eric’s participation in the Death Penalty Resource Center.

Eugene S. Quigley / Delta Theta Phi Scholarship

This scholarship is given by Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity to a member who has been active in the fraternity’s functions, achieved academically, and has financial need.

General Scholarships

This fund is used to support scholarships for our students where most needed.

Gerald Boston Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2000 in honor of the memory of Cooley Law Professor Gerald Boston, this fund provides a scholarship to a student with financial need who has completed at least sixty credit hours, whose academic record demonstrates improvement and perseverance, and who has a passion for the study of law, a commitment to public or community service, and has worked for positive change within the school.

John E. Cross Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of Professor John E. Cross, who established Cooley’s Trial Workshop Program, this fund provides a scholarship each year to a Trial Workshop student who best demonstrates trial skills and exemplifies the attributes of Professor Cross – high professional standards, respect for the law, and compassion and empathy for others.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund

To honor the memory of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this fund was established to provide a scholarship each year to a Cooley student on the basis of scholarship, extracurricular participation, public service, and financial need.

Meryl Markowitz Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was given to honor the memory of 1998 McDonald Class graduate Meryl Markowitz, who passed away before she could begin her legal career. It is presented to the female student who best exemplifies Ms. Markowitz and her zest for life. Preference is given to applicants with a background in providing public safety, law enforcement, fire fighting and/or emergency medical services.

Melissa Mitchell Endowed Scholarship Fund

This endowed scholarship fund was created to honor the memory of Melissa Mitchell, a 2003 Swanson Class graduate. Gifts have been received to date from family members, friends, colleagues, and Cooley faculty and staff.

Michael D. O'Hara Scholarship

This scholarship is a memorial award established in honor of the late Michael D. O’Hara. It is presented annually to a deserving Cooley student who hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Overbeck Family Scholarship Fund

Established in 2014 by WMU-Cooley Law student Edward Overbeck in honor of his family, this fund provides financial support to WMU-Cooley students who are graduates of Calvin College, Mr. Overbeck's alma mater. The award is determined based upon candidates’ intellectual ability, financial need, participation in the life of the Law School, relevant volunteer activities, relevant life and work experience, work ethic, desire to achieve, and other aspects of their character.

Rosa Parks Scholarship Fund

Established in 1985 to honor distinguished civil rights leader Mrs. Rosa Parks and in recognition of her appearance at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, this fund provides a scholarship each year to a Cooley student on the basis of scholarship, extracurricular participation, public service, and financial need.


Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides students with academic counseling, including exam writing seminars, multiple choice seminars, and many other resources for the entire student body. ARC also provides tips on studying, writing, and how to take exams. Students have access to one-on-one sessions with faculty, staff, other students and computer resources and seminars. 

Center for Ethics, Service & Professionalism

Thomas M. Cooley Law School has launched the Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism, which is dedicated to the following ideals: Lead by modeling and teaching ethics, Foster and encourage service, Practice professionalism, and Commit to our communities.

Externship Program

Thomas M. Cooley Law School permits students who are selected as externs to work in a selected legal environment away from the law school. Students receive credit when they meet all of the educational objectives of the program and satisfy all externship program requirements.

Faculty Scholarship Fund

This fund is used to support various scholarly projects undertaken by faculty members.

Foreign Study Programs

Cooley's Foreign Study Programs provide exciting opportunities for students to study and live in exotic locations worldwide.

Frederick Griffith Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Cooley Adjunct Professor Frederick Griffith, this fund supports an award to the adjunct faculty member who best exemplifies the qualities of Rick Griffith – dedication to the school, excellence in teaching, passion for persuasive advocacy, compassion for law students, and optimism about life and the future of legal education.

Howard Soifer Memorial Lecture Series

Established in memory of the late Howard Soifer, Christiancy Class, 1977, this endowed fund supports a lecture series in sports and entertainment law. The inaugural Soifer Lecture was held in May 2006.

Immigrant Rights and Civil Advocacy Clinic Fund

The Thomas M. Cooley Immigrant Rights and Civil Advocacy Clinic (CIRCA) is the Ann Arbor Campus in-house, live-client evening clinic, which provides free legal assistance to indigent immigrants living in and around Washtenaw County.

Innocence Project Fund

This fund is used to support the activities of the Innocence Project.

Krinock Academic Enrichment Fund

Established by the Faculty Conference of the Law School to honor their late colleague and former Dean, Robert E. Krinock, this fund is used to bring national figures to Cooley to speak on important legal issues and to underwrite the expense of symposia and other programs focusing on matters of legal significance. Krinock Lectures are open to the public.

Law Review

Founded in 1982, the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review is committed to the highest standards of legal publication. The staff prides itself on the comprehensive editing and reviewing of articles, to ensure all items published are innovative and of professional quality. In addition to publication three times a year, the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review also sponsors a lecture series, an annual symposium, and a distinguished brief award.

Law Journal

The Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law is published three times annually by the students of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law is committed to publishing articles and essays that further develop and define practical lawyering skills and values throughout the entire educational continuum. The Journal contains: articles written by legal scholars, judges, practitioners, and academics; and casenotes, comments, and clinical essays written by students.


This fund provides support for the library infrastructure, maintenance of the facility and its furnishings, improvements in the collection, and enhancements of the library's services.

Master of Laws Program

Cooley's Graduate Programs offer busy professionals an opportunity to earn an LL.M. degree in a manner, pace, and location conducive to their schedule. Students can choose to take courses at any of Cooley's three Michigan campuses. The Graduate IP program offers some courses via the web.

Moot Court

The Moot Court Board provides students the opportunity to experience and develop their appellate advocacy skills in an active learning environment. Every term, the organization is responsible for facilitating the following programs: First – Year Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition, Moot Court Bailiff Program, Intra-School Moot Court Competition, and National Moot Court Team.

60+ Clinic

The Sixty Plus, Inc., Elderlaw Clinic provides legal help to persons sixty years of age or older primarily in Ingham, Eaton or Clinton county. There are no income guidelines for this program, however priority is given to people in greatest social and economic need and those with public benefit problems.

Skills Competition

This fund supports Cooley's teams that compete in outside moot court, trial practice, negotiation, and other skills competitions.

Thomas M. Cooley Memorial Fund

This fund is a vehicle for contributions in memory of beloved faculty members and others connected with Cooley. Most recently, this fund has received donations in memory of Philip J. Prygoski. 


Art at Cooley Fund

This fund supports the acquisition of art to be displayed at Cooley’s several campuses and buildings.

Center for Research and Study

The Center for Research and Study provides much-needed seating in the library and relieves the burden on the lobby areas of the Cooley Center. The Center for Research and Study has a study hall with 112 seats and a 43-seat student lounge for students who seek to study in quiet and convenient surroundings.

Cooley Center Fund

This fund is used for the construction and improvement of the Cooley Center.

Earl Dayton Memorial Fund

This fund was established in honor of long-time Operations Staff employee Earl Dayton. The fund is used to support various special projects involving the School’s physical plant.

Technology Fund

Technology is a real part of your legal education at Thomas M. Cooley Law School (TMCLS). E-mail is the official communication vehicle for TMCLS. We-based course pages are used extensively. Legal writing skills are heavily emphasized and the use of computers and word processing are important to the successful completion of writing assignments. Many of our clinical programs require document preparation and communication in electronic format. Are you prepared?

Wanda Grace Memorial Fund

This fund was established in honor of long-time Library Secretary Wanda Grace, who passed away in 1999. The fund is used to support special projects within the Library Department.