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Alumni Elected Officials

Alumni Elected Officials

Alumni Elected Officials

Cooley Law School is proud to boast of its hundreds of graduates who have been elected or appointed to public office. Help the Law School keep an updated list of public officials by contacting the Alumni Relations Office by e-mail or at (800) 243-2586.

News of recently elected and appointed alumni (updated January 2023):

  • Efren Cortez (Ellsworth Class, 2012), 5th District Court Judge, Santa Fe, NM
  • Tania T. Nemer (Fitgerald Class, 2006), Immigration Judge, Cleveland Immigration Court, Cleveland, OH
  • Hector L. Ramos Vega (Paterson Class, 2002), U.S. Magistrate Judge, District of Puerto Rico
  • Mark Cox (Cross Class, 2004), Wayne County Superior Court Judge, Wayne County, IN
  • Toni L. Young ( McAllister Class, 2005), Racine County Circuit Court Judge, Racine, WI
  • Frank Gagliardi (Edwards Class, 2006), Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge, Kenosha, WI
  • Christopher Steenrod (Marshall Class, 2013), Deputy District Attorney, Racine County, WI
  • Jenna M. Nelson (Ellsworth Class, 2012), County Prosecutor, Marquette County, MI
  • Dan Helmer (Chipman Class, 2011), County Prosecutor, Houghton County, MI
  • Darius P. Robinson (Marshall Class, 2013), County Attorney, Bremer County, IA

Alumni Currently & Formerly Holding Federal/National Office


  • Chris Chocola, former member of Congress, Indiana's 2d Congressional District, (Pratt Class, 1988)
  • Bart T. Stupak, former member of Congress, Michigan's 1st Congressional District (Dethmers Classm1981)
  • Rashida Tlaib, Michigan's 13th Congressional District (Cross Class, 2004)


  • Patricia T. Morris, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Eastern District of Michigan (Turner Class, 1991)


  • James W. Boyd, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, Western District of Michigan (Kavanagh Class,1981)


  • Glen R. Baker, Immigration Judge, Executive Office of Immigration Review, USDOJ, (Ostrander Class, 1994)


  • Peter H. Jung, Federal Administrative Law Judge, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, U.S. Social Security Administration (Rutledge Class, 2000)


  • Kaley Hepburn, Justice of the Peace, Brampton, ON, (Brickley Class, 2007)
  • Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament, House of Commons (Washington Class, 2012)
  • Ruby Singh Sahota, Member of Parliament, House of Commons (Fisher Class, 2007)


  • Hiroe Makiyama (Ruby Otomi), House of Councillors, National Diet of Japan (Lawrence Class, 1991)



Alumni Currently & Formerly Holding State Office


  • John M. Engler, former Michigan Governor, Wing Class--January 1982


  • Alan L. Cropsey--former 33rd District Michigan Senate, Marston Class,1978
  • John W. Engler, former Michigan State Senator, Wing Class, 1982
  • Nicholas P. Scutari, 22nd District and President New Jersey State Senate, Carpenter Class, 1993
  • Mark Grisanti, New York State Senator, McGrath Class,1992
  • Kevin Thomas, New York State Senator, Witherell Class, 2010
  • John R. Mitchell, Jr., former West Virginia State Senator, O'Hara Class, 1983


  • Laura Baird, former 70th District Michigan Representative, Wiest Class, 1979
  • Kevin M. Cotter--former 99th District Michigan Representative, George Edwards Class, 2006
  • John W. Engler, former 36th District Michigan Representative, Wing Class, 1982
  • Andrew Farmer, District 17 Tennessee State Representative, James H. Brickley Class--September, 2007
  • Frank M. Fitzgerald, former 71st District Michigan Representative, Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Edward J. Gaffney, former 1st District Michigan Representative, Cooley Class--January, 1976
  • Matthew Hall, 63rd District Michigan Representative, Warren Class--May, 2017
  • Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel, former 27th District Louisana Representative, Rutledge Class--May, 2000
  • Paul C. Hillegonds, former 88th District Michigan Representative, Miles Class--May, 1986
  • Kara Henigan Hope, 67th District Michigan Representative, Swainson Class--January, 2003
  • James C. Howell, former 94th District Michigan Representative, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • Joseph Lagana, 38th Legislative New Jersey District Assemblyman, Swift Class, 2004
  • Allen Lee Lowe, former 105th District Michigan Representative, Turner Class--January, 1981
  • Charles Macheers, former 39th District Kansas Representative, Stone class--January, 1996
  • Elaine Marzola, 21st District Nevada Assemblywoman, Wood Class, 2010
  • Tedd C. Nesbit, District 08 Pennsylvania State Representative, Cross Class--January, 2004
  • Bart T. Stupak, former 109th District Michigan Representative, Dethmers Class--January 1981
  • Rashida Tlaib, former 12th District Michigan Representative, Cross Class--January, 2004
  • Michael Thompson, former Utah State Representative, Witherell Class--September, 1990
  • Jeffrey P. Yaroch, former 33rd District Michigan Representative, Woodbridge Class, 2010


  • William H. Harsha III, Ohio Court of Appeals Judge-- 4th Appellate District (Wing Class,1982)
  • Jane E. Markey, Michigan 3rd District Judge (Dethmers Class,1981)
  • Sima Patel, Michigan 2nd District Court of Appeals Judge (Boyles Class, 2005)



  • Kevin Blazs, 4th Circuit Judge, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • Dawn V. Denaro, 11th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Miami-Dade County, Hooker Class--January, 1993
  • Jalal Harb, Polk County Circuit Judge, Grant Class--September, 1987
  • Thomas M. Jaworski, 8th Circuit Court Judge, McAlvay Class--January, 1984
  • Robert Lockwood - 16th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Dorothy Comstock Riley Class--May, 2009


  • Nathan Nikirk (Adams Class, 2008), Lawrence Circuit Court Judge
  • Michael T. Clark (Sharpe Class, 1998), Indiana County Court of Common Pleas Judge
  • Richard W. Poynter (Fead Class, 1999), 40th Judicial Circuit Judge


  • John L. Bell, 14th Circuit Judge, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Charles H. Burch, 8th Circuit Court Judge, John Cross Class--January 2004
  • Hon. Joseph D. Christ, 20th Judicial Circuit Judge, Moore Class--May, 1993
  • J. Casey Costigan, 11th Circuit Judge, Lawrence Class--May, 1991
  • Jennifer Hightower, 9th Circuit Judge, Riley Class--2009
  • Todd L. Martin, 13th Circuit Court --G. Mennen Williams Class, 1994
  • Donald D. Panarese, Cook County Sub-circuit Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Stephen A. Stobbs, 3rd Circuit Judge, Williams Class--May, 1994
  • Todd B. Tarter, Associate Judge, 16th Judicial Circuit Court, Kane County, IL, Miles Class--May, 1986
  • Jeffery Tobin, 7th Circuit Judge, Morse Class--May, 1987


  • James W. Craft, II, 47th Circuit Court Judge, G. Mennen Williams Class--May, 1994
  • Stephanie Perlow, 42nd Circuit Judge, Starr Class--September, 2005
  • Judy Vance, Circuit Court Judge, Columbia, KY, Iredell Class--September, 2001


  • Morgan Cole, 30th Circuit Court Judge, Chipman Class, 2011
  • Rosemarie E. Aquilina, 30th Circuit Judge, Carr Class--May, 1984
  • Laura Baird, 30th Circuit Judge,Wiest Class--May, 1979
  • Curt Benson, 17th Circuit Judge, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • Gregory Bill, 3rd Circuit Judge--Criminal Division, Dethmers Class--January, 1981
  • Kimberly L. Booher, 49th Circuit Judge, Ostrander Class--January, 1994
  • Margie R. Braxton, 3rd Circuit Judge--Criminal Division, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • William C. Carmody, 11th Circuit Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Paul H. Chamberlain, 21st Circuit Judge, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • Chris Christensen, 7th Circuit Judge, Souris Class--September, 2009
  • Jacob Cunningham, 6th Circuit Judge, Hilligan Class--January, 2012
  • Janice K. Cunningham, 56th Circuit Judge, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • Susan L. Dobrich, Cass County Circuit Judge--Family Division, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • Jeffrey J. Dufon, Van Buren County Circuit Court Judge, Lawrence Class--May, 1991
  • John Economopoulos, Delta County Circuit Court Judge, Voelker Class--May, 1997
  • Prentis Edwards, Jr., 3rd Circuit Judge, Starr Class--September, 2005
  • Vonda R. Evans, 3rd Circuit Judge--Criminal Division, Bacon Class--January, 1990
  • John N. Fields, former 2nd Circuit Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Aaron Gauthier, 53rd Circuit Judge, Flannigan Class--January, 1999
  • L. Suzanne Geddis, 44th Circuit Judge, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Gary C. Giguere Jr., 9th Circuit Judge, Montgomery Class--May, 1992
  • Charles Goodman, 12th Circuit Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Stephen D. Gorsalitz, 9th Circuit Judge--Family Division, Fletcher Class--September, 1976
  • Paul E. Hamre, 36th Circuit Judge, Dethmers Class--January, 1981
  • Adel Harb, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge, Edward H. C. Wilson class - May, 1990
  • Michael P. Hatty, 44th Circuit Judge, Henry M. Butzel Class--January, 1979
  • Timothy G. Hicks, 14th Circuit Judge, O’Hara Class--January, 1983
  • G. Patrick Hillary, 17th Circuit Judge, O'Hara Class--January, 1983
  • G. Michael Hocking, former 56th Circuit Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • David A. Hoort, former 8th Circuit Judge, Marston Class--January, 1978
  • Suzanne Hoseth-Kreeger, 8th Circuit Judge, Martin Class--1988 
  • Jon Hulsing, 20th Circuit Judge, Turner Class--January, 1991
  • Colin Hunter, 46th Circuit Judge, James Brickley Class--September, 2007
  • James S. Jamo, 30th Circuit Judge, Manning Class--September 1984
  • Charles W. Johnson, 57th Circuit Judge, Ransom Class--May, 1978
  • Brian Kirkham, 37th Circuit Judge, O'Hara Class--January, 1983
  • James P. Lambros, 50th Circuit Judge, Sharpe Class--January, 1998
  • Janelle Lawless, 30th Circuit Judge, Kavanagh Class--May 1981
  • Michael G. Mack, 26th Circuit Judge, William Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Paula J. Manderfield, 30th Circuit Judge, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • John D. Maurer, 56th Circuit Judge, Pratt Class--May, 1988
  • Jeffrey L. Martlew, former 29th Circuit Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • John G. McBain, 4th Circuit Judge--Family Division, Morse Class--May, 1987
  • William Myles, 23rd Circuit Judge, Long Class--September, 1981
  • P. William O'Grady - 15th Circuit Court Chief Judge, Flannigan Class--January, 1999
  • Calvin E. Osterhaven, 56th Circuit Judge, Christiancy Class--May, 1977
  • Julia K. Phillips - 9th Circuit Court Judge, Edwin Lawrence Class - May, 1991
  • Gerald Prill, 52nd Circuit Court Judge, Franz Kuhn class--September, 1995
  • Jeffrey Sauter, former 56th Circuit Court Judge, Harry F. Kelly Class--September, 1978
  • Shannon Schlegel, 29th Circuit Court Judge, Rutledge Class--May, 2000
  • Conrad J. Sindt, former 37th Circuit Judge, Cooley Class--January, 1976
  • Annette Rose Smedley, 14th Circuit Judge, Rutledge Class--May, 2000
  • Michael J. Theile, 7th Circuit Judge, Felch Class--May, 1977
  • Mark A. Trusock, 17th Circuit Judge, Morell Class--May, 1985
  • Shannon Walker, 3rd Circuit Judge, Johnson Class--January, 2002
  • Michael L. West, 31st Circuit Court, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Timothy Wrathell, 24th Circuit Court, Adams Class--May, 2008


  • Elizabeth B. Hogan, 22nd Circuit Judge, Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996

New Jersey

  • Jeffrey R. Jablonski, New Jersey Superior Court - Civil Division Hudson County, Adams Class, 1997


  • Ricardo J. Menchaca, Washington County Circuit Court Judge, Richard C. Flannigan Class--January, 1999


  • James H. Bradberry, Weakley County Juvenile Court Judge, Wiest Class--May, 1979


  • Jeanette Irby, 20th Circuit Court Judge, Abner Pratt Class--May, 1988

West Virginia

  • Steve Callaghan, Circuit Court Judge - Nicholas County, West Virginia, Williams Class,1994



  • Matthew Christian, Fairbanks District Court, Johnson Class--January, 2002


  • Joseph Georgini, Pinal County Superior Court Judge, Bird Class--January, 1995
  • Steven Moss (Steere Class, 1995), Mohave County Superior Court Division 3
  • Kathryn Stocking-Tate, Yuma County Superior Court Judge, Krinock Class--September, 1991


  • Steven M. Basha, former Yolo County Superior Court Judge, Wiest Class--May, 1979


  • Denise K. Lynch, Rio Blanco County District Judge, Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Jonathan Bruce Pototsky, Garfield County Court Judge, Lawrence Class--May, 1991
  • Karen Ann Romeo, 5th District Judge, Stone Class--January, 1996


  • Jeffrey Swartz, Former Miami-Dade County Judge, Cooley Class--January, 1976


  • David Dickinson, Forsyth County Superior Court Judge, Blair Class--September, 1983


  • Dianna Bennington, Muncie City Court Judge, Smith Class--May, 2003
  • William Fisher, Jr., former Marion County Small Claims Court Judge, Wilson Class--May, 1990
  • Michael J. Lewis, Vigo County Superior Court Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • L. Benjamin Pfaff, former Elkhart County Superior Court Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • John M. Plummer III, Lawrence County Superior Court Judge, John W. Stone Class--January, 1996


  • Dan Vakulskas, 3rd District Associate Judge, Witherell Class--May, 2010


  • Earl-Ray Neal, 25th District Judge, Stone Class--January, 1996


  • Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel, Ninth Judicial District Court Judge, Rutledge Class--May, 2000


  • Louise Alderson, 54A District Judge, Sherwood Class--September, 1986
  • Daniel B. Bain, 53rd District Judge, Carpenter Class--September, 1993
  • Richard D. Ball, 54B District Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Eric Blubaugh, 91st District Judge, E. Mennen Williams Class-- May,1994
  • Juanita Bocanegra, 58th District Judge, Kavanagh Class, 2008 
  • Raymond J. Branch, former 68th District Judge, Clark Class--September, 1979
  • Thomas E. Brennan, Jr., former 55th District Judge, Marston Class--January, 1978
  • Terrence P. Bronson, 1st District Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Barbara J. Brown, former 92nd District Judge, Sherwood Class--September, 1986
  • Brian Brown, former 53rd District Judge, Manning Class--September, 1984
  • Gary J. Bruce, 5th District Judge, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Joseph F. Burke, 15th District Judge, Warner Wing Class--January, 1982
  • David J. Buter, 61st District Judge, Christiancy Class--January, 1977
  • Michael Carpenter, 75th District Judge, Ostrander Class -- January, 1994
  • Arthur Clarke, 7th District Judge, Ransom Class--May, 1978
  • Hugh B. Clarke, 54A District Judge, Howard Weist Class--May, 1979
  • Harold Closz III, 60th District Judge, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Brent V. Danielson, former 85th District Judge, Cooley Class--January, 1976
  • Robert L. Donoghue, 75th District Judge, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • M. Catherine Dowd, former 67th District Judge, Bacon Class--January, 1990
  • H. Kevin Drake, 78th District Judge, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • Christopher S. Easthope, former 15th District Judge, Franz C. Kuhn Class, September 1995
  • Prentis Edwards, Jr., former 36th District Judge, Starr Class--September, 2005
  • Jennifer L. Faber - 61st District Judge, Fead Class--May, 1999
  • A. T. Frank, 70th District Judge, Montgomery Class--May, 1992
  • Beth Ann Gibson, 92nd District Judge, Montgomery Class--May, 1992
  • Thomas S. Gilbert, former 86th District Judge, Champlin Class--January, 1987
  • Kim David Glaspie, 71B District Judge, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • David J. Goggins, 67th District Judge, D Johnson Class--September, 1989
  • Daniel Goostry, 12th District Judge, Sharpe Class--January, 1998
  • Matthew Hall (Warren Class, 2017), 42nd District Michigan Representative
  • John H. Hart, 75th District Judge, Whipple Class--September, 1985
  • Robert Hentchel, 7th District Judge, Ransom Class--May, 1978
  • David B. Herrington, 73B District Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Harvey Hoffman, 56A District Judge, Wing Class--January, 1982
  • Mark E. Janer, 74th District Judge, Flavius L. Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Eric R. Janes, 76th District Court Judge, Pratt Class--May, 1988
  • Susan Alt Jonas, 58th District Judge, Morrell Class--May, 1985
  • Timothy J. Kelly, 74th District Judge, Blair Class--September, 1983
  • Dawn A. Klida, 74th District Chief Judge, Russell C. Ostrander Class--January, 1994
  • Julie A. LaCost, 95B District Judge, Pratt Class--May, 1988
  • Angela J. Lasher, 90th District Judge, Blair Class--May, 2001
  • Ronald W. Lowe, 35th District Judge, Wing Class--May, 1982
  • Mark E. Luoma, 93rd District Judge, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Sebastian Lucido, 41B District Judge, Stone Class--January, 1996
  • Michael S. Maceroni, 41A District Judge, Kelly Class--September, 1978
  • Paula Baker Mathes (Moore Class, 1993), 60th District Court Judge
  • Jennifer McKellar Manley, 67th Judicial District Ct Judge, Flannigan Class, Jan. 1999
  • Jeffrey L. Martlew, former 65 District Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Pamela J. McCabe, former 55th District Judge, Wing Class--January, 1982
  • Stewart McDonald, 65B District Judge, Wiest Class--May, 1979
  • Sheila A. Miller, former 41B District Judge, Witherell Class--September, 1990
  • William Paul Nichols, 1st District Judge, Douglass Class--May, 1989
  • Richard E. Noble, 82nd District Judge, Smith Class--January, 1985
  • Thomas B. North, 6th District Judge, Long Class--September, 1981
  • Jeffrey J. O'Hara, 63rd District Court Judge, Morell class--May, 1985
  • Breeda O'Leary. 29th District Court Judge, Sibley class--January, 2011
  • Robert K. Pattison, 3B District Judge, Krinock Class--September, 1991
  • Sean Perkins, 36th District Judge, Hilligan Class--January, 2012
  • Mark J. Plawecki, 20th District Judge, Morse Class--May, 1987
  • Carol Reader, 53rd District Judge, Turner Class--January, 1991
  • Julie Reincke, 56A District Judge, Bushnell Class--May, 1980
  • Kevin Robbins, 36th District Judge, Carr Class--May, 1984
  • Gregory Ross, 73A District Judge, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Sam A. Salamey, 19th District Judge, Whipple Class--September, 1985
  • Kristen Simmons, 54A District Judge, Hilligan Class--January, 2012
  • Sara J. Smolenski, 63rd District Judge, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Daniel L. Sutton, 83rd District Judge, O'Hara Class--January, 1983
  • Steven M. Timmers, 62A District Judge, Pratt Class--May, 1988
  • Tracie Tomak, 10th District Judge, Boston Class--May, 2007
  • Robert J. Turner, Jr., 43rd District Judge, Marston Class--January, 1978
  • Audrey Van Alst, 84th District Judge, John E. Bird Class--January, 1995
  • Peter Versluis, 59th District Judge, Wilson Class--May, 1990
  • Brent R. Weigle, 3A District Court Judge Branch County, Mundy Class--January 1986
  • Allen C. Yenior, 81st District Judge, Wilson Class--May, 1990
  • David J. Zelenak, 25th District Judge, Wing Class--January, 1982


  • Mathew Harter, 8th Judicial District Court Judge, Ostrander Class--January, 1994
  • Harmony Letizia, Clark County Justice Court Judge, Clark J. Adams Class--May, 2008

New Jersey

  • A. Todd Mayo, East Brunswick Municipal Court Judge, Williams Class--May, 1994
  • Joseph Perconti, former Municipal Court and Central Judicial Processing Judge, Lawrence Class--May, 1991

New Mexico

  • Roscoe Woods, 7th District Judge, Needham Class--May, 2004

New York

  • Ralph P. Franco, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice, Bird Class--January, 1995
  • Jaharr Pennington Pridgen, City Court Judge, George Edwards class--May, 2006
  • James E. Walsh Jr., Monroe County Family Court Judge and Acting NY State Supreme Ct Justice 7th District, John W. Stone Class--January, 1996

North Carolina

  • William Graham, 21st District Judge, Johnson Class--September, 1989
  • Patricia Young, 28th District Judge, Williams Class--May, 1994


  • Carla Baldwin, Youngstown Municipal Court Judge, Sharpe Class--January, 2008
  • Brian Driscoll, Clark County Municipal Court Judge, Blair, Jr. Class--May, 2001
  • David Hamilton, Akron Municipal Court Judge, Hilligan Class--January, 2012
  • George Leach, Franklin County Common Pleas Ct Judge, Cushing Class--September, 2000
  • Robert N. Rusu, Mahoning County Probate Court, Moore Class--May, 1993
  • John M. Williams, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge, Montgomery Class--May, 1992


  • William Amesbury, former Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Grant Class--September, 1987
  • Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley, Magisterial District Judge in District Court 09-1-02, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Montgomery Class--May, 1992
  • Adam M. Beloff, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996


  • David Fleischer, Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 5 Judge, Swainson Class--January, 2003
  • Ramona Franklin, 338th District Court Judge, Harris County, Thomas Johnson Class--January, 2002
  • Adam V. Lichtenstein, former Harrison County Justice Court Judge, Turner Class--January, 1991


  • Bobbi Brown Weiler, South Central District Judge, Souris Class--September, 2009
  • Joseph Klumb, former Marinette County District Attorney, Pratt Class--May, 1988
  • Melissia Christianson Mogen, Burnett County Judge, Chase Class--September, 2002




  • Americo Carchia, Probate Judge, New Haven, Connecticut. (Moore Class, 1993)


  • Kristin Bakker, Gratiot County Probate Judge, Carpenter Class--September, 1993
  • Jennie E. Barkey, Genesee County Probate Judge, Wiest Class--May 1979
  • Stuart Black, Isabella County Probate Judge, Edwards Class--May, 2006
  • Benjamin T. Bolser, Montmorency County Probate Judge, Hooker Class--January, 1993
  • Nanette Bowler, former Ionia County Probate Judge, T. Smith Class--January, 1985
  • Elwood L. Brown, St. Clair County Probate Judge, Butzel Class--January, 1979
  • Michael Buck, Allegan County Probate Judge, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Lynne M. Buday, Kalkaska County Probate Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Robert J. Butts, former Cheboygan County Probate Judge, Kavanagh Class--May, 1981
  • William C. Carmody, former Alger-Schoolcraft County Probate Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Keith DeForge, Keweenaw County Probate Judge, Moore Class--January, 2013
  • Thomas Dignan, Shiawassee County Probate Judge, Martin Class--1989
  • David J. DiStefano, Van Buren County Probate Judge, Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Douglas Dosson, Roscommon County Probate Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Stephanie Fekkes, former Barry County Probate Judge, Johnson Class--September, 1989
  • Laura Frawley, Alcona County Probate Judge, Miles Class--May, 1986
  • Charles R. Goodman, former Houghton County Probate Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Daniel Hass, Menominee County Probate Judge, Carr Class--May, 1984
  • Norman R. Hayes, Antrim County Probate Judge, Butzel Class--January, 1979
  • Janet A. Haynes, former Kent County Probate Judge, Kavanaugh Class--May, 1981
  • John Keuvelaar, Bay County Probate Judge, Manning Class--September, 1984
  • Shana Lambourn, Ogemaw County Probate Judge, Blair Class--May, 2001
  • Bradley Lambrix, Oceana County Probate Judge, McAlvay Class--January, 1984
  • Perry Lund, Delta County Probate Judge, Bird Class--January, 1995
  • Christopher P. Martin, Iosco County Probate Judge, McDonald Class--May, 1998
  • John D. Mead, Benzie County Probate Judge, Swainson Class--January, 2003
  • Patrick J. McGraw, Saginaw County Probate Judge, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Marco S. Menezes, 18th Probate District Judge, Bacon Class--January, 1990
  • Donna T. Morris, former Midland County Probate Judge, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Casandra Morse-Bills, Oscoda County Probate Judge, Woodward Class--January, 2010
  • Frederick R. Mulhauser, Charlevoix-Emmet County Probate Judge, Ransom Class--May, 1978
  • David Murkowski, Kent County Probate Judge, O'Hara Class--January, 1983
  • Lisa Marie Neilson, Wayne County Probate Judge, Otis Smith Class--May 2003
  • Thomas B. North, former Luce-Mackinac County Probate Judge, Long Class--September, 1981
  • Pamela Gilbert O'Sullivan, Macomb County Probate Judge, Chandler Class--May, 1983
  • Diane Rappleye, Jackson County Probate Judge, Moore Class--May, 1993
  • Mark D. Raven, Mason County Probate Judge, Butzel Class--January, 1979
  • Susan L. Reck, Livingston County Probate Judge, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Amanda L. Roggenbuck, former Tuscola County Probate Judge, Swainson Class--January, 2003
  • Kathryn J. Root, former Oscoda County Probate Judge, Felch Class--May, 1977
  • Gregory Ross, Sanilac County Probate Judge, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • C. Joseph Schwedler, Iron County Probate Judge, Cooley Class--January, 1976
  • Justus C. Scott, Lapeer County Probate Judge, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Charles Simon III, Montcalm County Probate Judge, Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Michael F. Skinner, former Eaton County Probate Judge, McAlvey Class--January, 1984
  • Thomas D. Slagle, Dickinson County Probate Judge, Johnson Class--September, 1989
  • David L. Stowe, Retired Grand Traverse County Probate Judge, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Lisa M. Sullivan, Clinton County Probate Judge, Williams Class--May, 1994
  • Nancy L. Thane, Tuscola County Probate Judge, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • David Charles Tomlinson, St. Joseph County Probate Judge, Marston Class--January, 1978
  • Frederick L. Wood, Retired Branch County Probate Judge, Campbell Class--May, 1976



  • Donna L. Budnick, former Appellate Judge, Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, Bacon Class--January, 1990
  • William Gregory, Tribal Prosecutor, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, Potter Class--January, 1980
  • Melissa L. Pope, Chief Judge, Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Tribal Court, Fead Class--May, 1999
  • Angela Sherigan, Associate Judge, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Blair Class--May, 2001

New Mexico

  • Frank Demolli, Pueblo of Pojoa Que Tribal Judge, Bird Class--January, 1995



  • Robert (Bob) Gardella, (Durand Class, 1992), Michigan Military Appeals Tribunal



  • Richard W. Poynter, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney, Fead Class--May, 1999


  • Robert A. Johnson, Reynolds County Prosecuting Attorney, Mundy Class--January, 1986


  • Michelle Ambrozaitis, Clare County Prosecutor, Wilson Class--January, 2001
  • Kurt Asbury, Bay County Prosecutor, Blair Class--September, 1983
  • Anthony Badovinac, Wexford County Prosecutor, Copeland Class--January, 1989
  • Jonathan Baker, former Iron County Prosecutor, Lawrence Class--May, 1991
  • Gail A. Benda, former Ionia County Prosecutor, Miles Class--May, 1986
  • Neal A. Brady, Hillsdale County Prosecutor, Sherwood Class--September, 1986
  • Arthur A. Busch, Genesee County Prosecutor, Wing Class--January, 1982 (former)
  • Michael Carpenter, Midland County Prosecutor, Ostrander Class--January, 1994
  • Catherine Castagne, Cheboygan County Prosecutor, Grant Class--September, 1987 (former)
  • Roger Castleberry, Lenawee County Prosecutor, Adams Class--May, 2008
  • Anthony Cicchelli, Benzie County Prosecutor, Lawrence Class--May, 1991 (former)
  • Randy O. Colbry, Shiawassee County Prosecutor, Kavanaugh Class--May, 1981
  • Douglas S. Edwards, Houghton County Prosecutor, McAlvay Class--January, 1984 (former)
  • Robert J. Engel, Emmet County Prosecutor, Wiest Class--May, 1979 (former)
  • Deana Finnegan, Shiawassee County Prosecutor, O’Hara Class--January, 1983
  • Joshua Freed, Luce County Prosecutor, Souris Class--September, 2009
  • Mark J. Gaertner, Huron County Prosecutor, Dethmers Class--January, 1981(former)
  • Norman E. Gage, Clare County Prosecutor, Johnson Class--September, 1989 (former)
  • Mark Gates, Gratiot County Prosecutor, Campbell Class--May, 1976 (former)
  • David Gilbert, Calhoun County Prosecutor, Green Class--January, 1988
  • Melissa Goodrich, Cheboygan County Prosecutor, Chase Class--September, 2002
  • W. Clayton Graham, Mackinac County Prosecutor, Krinock Class--September, 1991 (former)
  • Larry Hachman, Montcalm County Prosecutor, Graves Class--September, 1977 (former)
  • Daniel Hass, former Menominee County Prosecutor, Carr Class--May, 1984
  • Kevin L. Hesselink, Otsego County Prosecutor, Champlin Class--January, 1987 (former)
  • D. J. Hilson, Muskegon County Prosecutor, Fead Class--May, 1999
  • Michael Hocking, former Eaton County Prosecutor, Campbell Class--May, 1976
  • Dennis Hurst, former Jackson County Prosecutor, Dethmers Class--January, 1981
  • Ralph Kimble, Branch County Prosecutor, Iredell Class--September, 2001
  • Vicki P. Kudinger, Montmorency County Prosecutor, Wiest Class--May, 1979 (former)
  • Keith J. Kushion, Gratiot County Prosecutor, Long Class--September, 1981
  • David Leyton, Genesee County Prosecutor, Brooke Class--September, 1982
  • Amber Libby, Cheboygan County Assistant Prosecutor, Hughes Class--May, 2016
  • Douglas Lloyd, Eaton County Prosecutor, Montgomery Class--May, 1992
  • Fred A. MacKinnon, Ogemaw County Prosecutor, Clark Class--September, 1979 (former)
  • Sandra O. Marvin, Osceola County Prosecutor, Green Class--January, 1988 (former)
  • Sara Mason, Benzie County Prosecutor, Sharpe Class--January, 2008 (former)
  • John McDonough, St. Joseph County Prosecutor, Boyles Class--May, 2005
  • Gordon S. McNeill, Barry County Prosecutor, Lawrence Class--May, 1991 (former)
  • Aaron Miller, Gladwin County Prosecutor, McAllister Class--January, 2005
  • David L. Morse, Livingston County Prosecutor, Kavanagh Class--May, 1981 (former)
  • Casandra Morse-Bills, former Oscoda County Prosecutor, Woodward Class--January, 2010
  • Julie Nakfoor-Pratt, Barry County Prosecutor, Grant Class--September, 1987
  • William P. Nichols, Monroe County Prosecutor, Douglass Class--May, 1989
  • Timothy Noble, SchoolCraft County Prosecutor, Sibley Class--January, 2011
  • Steven C. Parks, Delta County Prosecutor, Goodwin Class--May, 1982
  • Michael Perreault, Kalkaska County Prosecutor, Woodbridge Class--September, 2010
  • Michael J. Riley, Lake County Prosecutor, Bushnell Class--May, 1980 (former)
  • James Rossiter, Antrim County Prosecutor, Swainson Class--January, 2003
  • Timothy Rutkowski, Huron County Prosecutor, Ostrander Class--January, 1994
  • Joseph C. Sartorelli, Iron County Prosecutor, Miles Class--May, 1986 (former)
  • Jeffrey L. Sauter, Eaton County Prosecutor, Kelly Class--September, 1978 (former)
  • Risa Scully, Isabella County Prosecutor, Fellows Class--September, 1997
  • Michael Sepic, Berrien County Prosecutor, Butzel Class--January, 1979
  • Barry L. Shantz, Oscoda County Prosecutor, Kelly Class--September, 1978 (former)
  • Charles D. Sherman, Clinton County Prosecutor, Long Class--September, 1981
  • Diane M. Smith, Emmet County Prosecutor, North Class--September, 1980 (former)
  • J. Stuart Spencer, Mackinac County Prosecutor, Turner Class--January, 1991
  • Kathleen Solomon, Oscoda County Prosecutor, Mundy Class--January, 1986
  • Richard Steiger, Presque Isle County Prosecutor, McDonald Class--May, 1998
  • Dennis M. Swain, Manistee County Prosecutor, Kelly Class--September, 1978 (former)
  • Peter Tazelaar, Luce County Prosecutor, Morse Class--May, 1987
  • Allen Telgenhof, Charlevoix County Prosecutor, Douglass Class--May, 1989
  • Scott L. Teter, Cass County Prosecutor, Morse Class--May, 1987 (former)
  • Cris J. Van Oosterum, Mason County Prosecutor, Marston Class--January, 1978 (former)
  • Erik Wallen, Midland County Prosecutor, Copeland Class--January, 1989 (former)
  • James V. Young, Sanilac County Prosecutor, Graves Class--September, 1977
  • Henry C. Zavislak, Jackson County Prosecutor, Ostrander Class--January, 1994 (former)


  • Stefanie Salavantis, Luzerne County Prosecuting Attorney, Riley Class--May, 2009


  • Ricardo Ramos, Maverick County Attorney, Cushing Class--September 2000
  • Randy Reynolds, Reeves County District Attorney, Lawrence Class--May, 1991


  • Justin Griffith, Pulaski County Commonwealth's Attorney, Souris Class--September, 2009

West Virginia

  • Seth Gaskins, Mason County Prosecutor, Wilkins Class--September, 2011
  • Dan James, Prosecuting Attorney - Hampshire County, Starr Class--2005
  • Jonathan Sweeney, Prosecuting Attorney - Nicholas County, McAllister Class--2005


County Board of Commissioners

  • Thomas E. Brennan, Former County Board of Commissioners, Ingham County, Michigan (Marston Class, 1978)
  • Kara Henigan Hope, Former County Board of Commissioners, Ingham County, Michigan, (Swainson Class, 2003)
  • Joe McIntosh, Chester Heights Borough Councilman, Delaware County, Pennsylvania,  (Adams Class, 1997)
  • Philip J. Weipert, County Board of Commissioners/Delegate to SEMCOG and 2018-19 SEMCOG Chair, Oakland County, Michigan, (Pratt Class, 1988)
  • Mitch Zajac, County Commissioner, Livingston County, Michigan (Burger Class, 2017)

County Clerk

  • Elizabeth Hundley, County Clerk, Livingston County, Michigan (John Jay Class, 2000)


  • Barry L. Brickner, Mayor, Farmington Hills, Michigan (Campbell Class,1976)
  • Jeffrey Cuthbertson, Mayor, Rochester, Michigan, (Fisher Class, 2007)
  • Brian Kirkham, Former Mayor, Battle Creek, Michigan. (O'Hara Class, 1983)
  • Susan Grelick, Town Supervisor, Amherst, New York. (Whipple Class, 1985)

City Council

  • Brian Jeffries, City of Lansing, Council President, Blair Class--September, 1983
  • Stacy Ann Smith, City Council Member, City of Portland, Washington Class 2012
  • Ken Ross, Former City of Dewitt, Michigan Council Member, Fellows Class 1997
  • Michael T. Sareini, City of Dearborn Council President Pro Tem, Ellsworth Class 2012
  • Jeffrey Yaroch, City of Richmond City Council Member, Woodbridge Class 2010
  • Michael D. Quinn, City of Meridian Corporation Counsel, Black Class 1996
  • Erin L. Wiseman, City of Jefferson, Missouri, Council Member, Boston Class 2007

Township Supervisor

  • Terrance Hall, Jr. (Smith Class, 2003), Edenville Township, MI Supervisor


  • Ronald J. Kalanquin, Lapeer County Sheriff, Moore Class--May, 1993


  • Noreen K. Myers--Board Member, O'Hara Class--January, 1983


  • Russell Kavalhuna, Former President, Brickley Class--September, 2007


  • Andrew Abood, Bacon Class--January, 1990


  • David L. Porteous, Former Trustee, Felch Class--May, 1977


  • Paul Hillegonds, Former Board Member, Miles Class--May, 1986


  • Shelly Edgerton, Former Board Member, Champlin Class-- January,1987
  • Kenneth V. Miller, Board Member, Graves Class--September, 1977



Wauwatosa, WI

  • Joel Tilleson, Alderperson District 5, Boston Class--May, 2007