WMU-Cooley Law School Alumni Association

WMU-Cooley Law School Alumni Association

Reap the Benefits

Join WMU-Cooley's worldwide network of over 20,000 colleagues, experts, and friends. Benefit from the national and international conversation by becoming a member of the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association.


The Law School Alumni Association offers nation-wide networking opportunities to our more than 20,000 graduates through events, the alumni directory, and discounted services and products. The National Alumni Board advises the Executive Committee of the association, and actively supports alumni engagement. Join the association or renew your membership online or by mail. To nominate a future board member, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at [email protected]

Benefits of Membership

  • Network with Alumni 
  • Access the Alumni Portal
  • Refer business to Alumni 
  • Bookstore Discounts
  • Guide and mentor students through one of our alumni committees
  • Alumni ID card
  • FREE wireless on any Cooley campus
  • FREE Cooley e-mail account
  • Alumni social events 
  • Search Alumni directory
  • Disability, Long-Term Care, and Planning
  • Group discount on your auto, home, and renters insurance

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Alumni Association Officers

  • President – Kirstyn Wildey, Charles Evans Hughes Class, 2016
  • Vice President – Susanne Harris, Carpenter Class, 1993
  • Secretary -- Bradley Merritt, Kavanagh Class, 2008
  • Executive Secretary – Helen Haessly, Acting Director of Alumni Relations, Cushing Class, 2000
  • Immediate Past President -- Karen Poole, Benjamin F.H. Witherell Class, 1990

Other National Alumni Board Members

  • Sharon Ellis - Past Presidents' Committee, North Class, 1980
  • Bradley Merritt - Law School Support Committee, Kavanagh Class, 2008
  • Sheila Lake - Membership & Outreach Committee, Warren Earl Burger Class, 2017
  • Karen Poole - Scholarship & Awards Committee, Witherell Class, 1990
  • Susanne Harris - Scholarship & Awards Committee, Carpenter Class, 1993
  • Patrick Griffin - Major Events Committee, Riley Class 2009
  • Helen Haessly - Regional Ambassador Committee, Cushing Class, 2000
  • Lawrence Kish - Nominations Committee, Marston Class, 1978
  • Deirdre Ford, Franz C Kuhn Class 1995
  • Ayda Rezaian-Nojani, Alfred Moore Class 2013
  • Audra Foster, Fellows Class 1997
  • Alecia Chandler, Swainson Class, 2003
  • Thomas C. Rombach, Morse Class 1987
  • Michael Brush, Edwards Class, 2006
  • Nina DiPadova, Woodbridge Class 2010
  • MJ Stephen Fox, Dethmers Class 1981
  • Michael Marcum, Sibley Class 2011
  • Kathy A. Martin, Weadock Class 1999
  • Catherine Groll, Montgomery Class 1992
  • Danielle Hall, Blair, Jr. Class 2001
  • Julie Lawler-Hoyle, Warren Class 2017
  • Steven Balkema, Swayne Class 2019
  • Ieisha Humphrey, Sibley Class 2011
  • Jacqueline Freeman, Reid Class 2006
  • Peter Tomasek, Todd Class 2014
  • Rabih Hamawi, Story Class 2015
  • Tiffany Foskey, Smith Class, 2003
  • Steve Heisler, Iredell Class, 2001
  • James Samuels, Dethmers Class, 1981
  • Jason Downs, Curtis Class, 2019
  • Rob Johnson, Boyle Class, 2018
  • Germese Gee, Todd Class, 2014
  • Melaney LaGrone, Sibley Class, 2011
  • Matt Fendon, Adams Class, 2008
  • Matt Newburg, Sharpe Class, 2008
  • Joel Montilla, Taft Class, 2016


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