Alumni Committees

Alumni Committees

Alumni MembershiP & Outreach Committee and
Law Student Support Committee

We know you want to be involved because you asked. The formation of these committees arose from your wishes and requests to be more connected and involved.

Be a part of something bigger than self

If you have an interest in working together to connect with and ensure the success of our WMU-Cooley family, we encourage you to join the Alumni Membership & Outreach Committee or the Law School Support Committee. Here are some of the areas where we need your help:

  • Better connect students or recent graduates with other alumni and attorneys
  • Provide a helping hand in mentoring and bar preparation
  • Project a message of inclusiveness and support
  • Support the law school's efforts to project the positive image of our law school in the public eye

Areas of need

  • Alumni Mentoring Program: We want to help connect WMU-Cooley students and recent graduates with WMU-Cooley attorneys, to assist with their transition to the legal profession. For our future graduates, we would like this process to start during law school or at graduation. If you are an experienced attorney, who feels you would be able to help a new attorney on their journey, this is the perfect way to give back.
  • Alumni Tutoring Program: Academically support students and recent alumni by raising your hand to help tutor in your areas of expertise. Your involvement can be a time commitment that fits your lifestyle. 
  • Nontraditional Attorney Mentors: If you have a successful career in a field that doesn't require, but benefits from having a law degree, please join our mentoring program. As you know, a J.D. is a degree that can take you far, and any direction you want to go. 
  • Bar Prep Tutoring/Mentoring: Helping mentor or tutor a graduate navigate the troubled waters of the bar exam can make all the difference in the world. We especially would like to find those of you who might be able to assist graduates who have gone home to states outside of Michigan and Florida. Those graduates would benefit greatly from your wisdom and experience in that state's bar exam. Our hope is you might form a connection that results in a relationship that benefits both of you.

Reach out today

Please contact the Alumni Office at [email protected] to get involved and be a part of something bigger than yourself! 

  • Alumni Membership & Outreach Committee Chair Sheila Lake at [email protected] 
  • Member Justin Sblano 
  • Member Michael Terner 
  • Member Jason Downs 


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