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How to Receive Loan Disbursement

How to Receive Loan Disbursement

How to Receive Loan Disbursement

All students will receive an email to their Cooley account from the Financial Aid/ESS Department when student loans have disbursed on your behalf.

Direct Deposit

You will receive an email to your Cooley account from the Financial Aid/ESS Department when student loans have disbursed on your behalf. Loan proceeds should be available in your bank account the day after you receive the email notification from Financial Aid/ESS.


Student checks will be automatically mailed to the address you have on file with the school, unless you have requested direct deposit of your funds.

Helpful hints to avoid disbursement issues

1. Plan your personal budget accordingly

Plan one month ahead in your personal budget, please budget accordingly. There is no guarantee that your refund proceeds will be available on a specific date. Disbursement dates are estimated.

2. Review your financial aid

Please review your financial aid after registration to ensure that your loans are processed on the appropriate number of credits that you will be enrolled in. The Financial Aid/ESS Office does NOT automatically make changes to your award to reflect an increase in credits each term. For example, if you are increasing from 9 credits to 12 credits the following term, please notify the Financial Aid/ESS Office via the Credit Hour Adjustment form

3. Use direct deposit

We encourage you to complete a direct deposit form. Direct deposit of your loan proceeds will make funds more readily available to you. This will also help in obtaining your funds in a timely manner, especially if you are in an externship or study abroad term. Direct Deposit Form [pdf]

4. Pending aid is not reflected in the Portal

Your 'Billing Statement' student billing account located in the Cooley Connect Portal does NOT reflect any pending financial aid. For questions regarding your billing statement, contact the Business Office. You may call or email [email protected]. For questions regarding your financial aid, you may view your awards on the Cooley Connect portal.