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Financial Aid

Financial Planning

Financial Planning 

The Financial Aid office stands ready to help students develop a financial plan that meets their educational goals. We are a borrower based school, which means that if you remain eligible, you may borrow federal aid for every term you are here.

We process loans two terms/eight months at a time. You will then receive a new set of loans for the 3rd and 4th term, and it will continue to cycle every two terms/eight months.


The FAFSA is available each year on October 1. The maximum Federal Stafford Loan amount in a two-term loan period is $20,500 as long as your budget allows for the eligibility.

Cooley Law School has rolling admissions. We offer two entering semesters each year: January and September. If the Interested applicant intends to borrow federal aid, it is recommended to apply for a FAFSA at least two months before the semester they plan to start.   

Student aid for all eligible incoming J.D. students is disbursed week three, so long as all criteria for disbursement is met.  

Types of Student Loans