Financial Aid FAQs

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid Frequently asked questions

Please read this information carefully, and keep it for your records.

1. Tuition on my award letter is based on 9 credits, but I’m taking 12 credits, what do I need to do?

If at any time you are doing more or less credits, all you need to do is let us know, fill out the Credit Adjustment Form located on the WMU-Cooley Financial Aid page of the Portal. We will adjust your budget accordingly.

2. I applied for $20,000 in my graduate plus/private loan, and you only certified $9,000, why?

Any and all combined aid cannot exceed your total budget. The amount was reduced because that was the eligibility remaining in your total budget. Please review your personal budget and expenses against what the school allows to ensure that you can live within your means.

3. I just received a bill in the mail, and it says I owe the school by X date. I have received an award notice and/or a disclosure statement from my lender, my aid will not be in until after the tuition due date. How am I supposed to come up with all that money?

If you are going to be paying by cash, then your bill is due by that date. If you are receiving student loans and you owe a balance after your loans come in, then the balance is due by that date. If you are receiving loans and have accepted your award, and it covers your balance, your tuition is deferred until your aid comes in.

4. When can I expect my refund check in my first semester?

As long as all documents are received, completed and your loan accepted, including WMU-Cooley Law School receipt of your official transcript posting your baccalaureate degree, a new student can expect the proceeds from the loans in approximately week 3 of the semester. The best way to avoid any unnecessary financial stress is to have budgeted at least one month of living expenses out of pocket.

5. When can I expect my refund check my second semester?

All second semester students’ aid is held until grades are officially received from the Registrar’s Office. Proceeds can be expected in approximately week 6 of the semester. The best way to avoid any unnecessary financial stress is to always have budgeted living expenses for at least two months.

6. When can I expect my refund check my third semester and beyond?

Financial Aid is available at the beginning of the semester as long as you are in good academic standing (2.00 GPA and above) and meet all other eligibility requirements.

7. How will I know exactly when my loan money is here?

You will receive an email to your WMU-Cooley student account when loan funds have disbursed.

8. How do I receive my refund check?

If you have signed up for direct deposit, your refund will be electronically sent to your bank. If you did not complete a direct deposit form, then a check is mailed to your address on file. Please contact the Business Office at [email protected] to complete the necessary form or you may Download the Direct Deposit Form here.

9. Does WMU-Cooley offer book vouchers? How do I pay for my books?

We do not have book vouchers. You will have to pay for your books out-of-pocket until your aid comes in and is made available to you. All classroom text books are available at the WMU-Cooley Library for use if you are unable to purchase your books before your aid is made available to you.

10. How do I defer my loans from another school?

WMU-Cooley reports to the National Student Clearinghouse the enrollment status of all students during the first week of every month throughout the semester. Please notify your lender/servicer that WMU-Cooley uses the National Student Clearinghouse and that the deferment information they need will be available electronically through the Clearinghouse. If your payment is due in the first month of the semester, you will need to make your payment, and the following payment should be deferred. Check with your lender/servicer to verify that your loans are deferred before you stop making payments. If your lender/servicer does not participate in the Clearinghouse, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

We are a borrower based school, which means that if you remain eligible, you may borrow federal aid for every semester you are here. We process loans two semesters/eight months at a time. You will then receive a new set of loans for the 3rd and 4th semester and it will continue to cycle every two semesters/eight months. The maximum Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loan amount in a two-semester loan period is $20,500 as long as your budget allows for the eligibility. Typically, this is the way it is processed.

You must complete your FAFSA every calendar year to receive federal aid. The best way to remember to do it is complete it after you have filed that year’s tax return, and then fill out the new FAFSA. If you do not file taxes, please try and remember to have it done by the filing deadline of April 15. Please keep your PIN number in an accessible spot so it is not forgotten, or change it to a number that you will not forget. In addition, we send out email reminders when the renewal FAFSA is available.

Provided are the links that you may need to complete the FAFSA:,

PLEASE READ ALL information (postal mail, and from your WMU-Cooley e-mail account from ESS) that is sent to you regarding Financial Aid. We do not send junk mail. If it is sent to you, it is important, and you need to be aware of it. In addition, keep the school up-to-date with your address/phone number (this is completed on the Portal). When contacting the ESS office, be sure to leave additional information (Student number/SSN) along with your name and phone number so we can help serve you better.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure your financial aid is in order. If you should need assistance, feel free to contact us by email at [email protected].

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