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Cooley LL.M. Tuition and Financial Aid

LL.M. Tuition and Financial Aid

Below are the 2023-24 LL.M. tuition rates and information on the cost of attending Cooley Law School. The criteria used for admissions are subject to change based on regular review and without notice. Beginning January 2023, the law school will not be accepting new admissions to three of our LL.M. programs--Tax, Corporate Law and Finance, and Homeland and National Security. We will continue to take guests into these programs.

LL.M. Tuition Rate

Tuition is *$1,200 per credit hour for students admitted after January 1, 2021, providing an affordable graduate law degree in 24 credits. Guest students pay the same tuition rate as degree-seeking LL.M. students. 

* LL.M. students enrolled prior to the January 2021 entering term will continue to pay the $950 tuition rate per credit hour. 

Estimated Cost of Attendance for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Online LL.M. 2023-2024 Estimated Cost

2023-2024 6 Credits 3 Credits
Tuition $7,200 $3,600
Housing and Food $6,200 $6,200
Books and Supplies $360 $180
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $1,756 $878
Transportation $1,539 $770
Student Activities and General Services Fee $320 $320
Loan Fees $390 $172
Total estimated expenses $17,765 $12,120
  • The maximum Federal Unsubsidized loan eligibility for an academic year (two semesters) is $20,500. After all scholarships and other educational resources are accounted for in the financial aid package, Grad PLUS loans, and/or Federal Work Study may be applied to cover any remaining financial aid eligibility.
  • The maximum Federal Stafford loan aggregate total is $138,500, which includes Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans borrowed from undergraduate and graduate schools. This aggregate limit does not include Grad PLUS loans borrowed. 
  • These expenses are calculated using market surveys and direct costs to the student to determine student loan awards. When attending Cooley, it’s best to have a personal budget that will fit into these educational expenses. 

Student Loan Default

Click here for details about the Law School's Student Loan Default Rates

Tuition Refund Policies

The Cooley Law School staff is here to support you on your path to attain your LL.M. degree. We are available to help you regarding any of your financial difficulties or concerns. Please contact [email protected].

Office of the Ombudsman

If you cannot resolve any disputes you may have regarding your student loans or financial aid, the Department of Education has established the Office of Ombudsman to assist you in resolving your dispute. The Office of the Ombudsman can be reached by:

Internet: Ombudsman Website

Toll-Free: 877-557-2575

Office of the Ombudsman
Student Financial Assistance
U.S. Department of Education
Rm 3012, ROB #3
7th and D Streets, SW
Washington, DC 20202-5144