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5-Year Part-Time Schedule (year round)

5-Year Part-Time Schedule (year round)

5-Year Part-Time schedule (year-round)

Attend law school part-time for five years (60 months). WMU-Cooley’s five-year extended program is ideal for students looking to balance law school with long-term, time-intensive commitments. This program allows students to take five years to complete their Juris Doctor degree. This program requires students to attend year-round, earning six credits per semester, three semesters a year, for five years.

1st-Year Courses (3 semesters)

  • Torts I and II
  • Contracts I and II
  • Personal and Professional Responsibility
  • Civil Procedure I

2nd-Year Courses (3 semesters)

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure II
  • Research and Writing
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Persuasion and Advocacy
  • Criminal Procedure

3rd-Year Courses (3 semesters)

  • Constitutional Law II
  • Property I and II
  • Business Organizations
  • Secured Transactions
  • Equity and Remedies
  • Drafting

4th-Year Courses (3 semesters)

  • Evidence
  • Taxation
  • Wills, Estates, and Trusts
  • Electives

5th-Year Courses (3 semesters)

  • Bar Exam Skills
  • Electives
  • Clinic/Externship