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3-Year Part-Time Schedule (year round)

3-Year Part-Time Schedule (year round)

Students complete their program in about three years (8 consecutive semesters) by attending year-round with 12 credits per semester. This schedule is the most popular choice among Cooley students. Many students find that this schedule creates a perfect balance between completing their degree in a typical three years but with time to participate in externships, extra and co-curricular activities throughout the year to achieve a well-rounded law school experience.  


Year 1

Fall Credits
Torts 4
Contracts 4
Research & Writing I 2
Introduction to Legislation, Regulation, and Statutory Interpretation 2
Total Credits Accumulated 12/90
Spring Credits
Property 4
Civil Procedure 4
Research & Writing II 2
Electives 2
Total Credits Accumulated 24/90
Summer Credits
Experiential Learning Options 12
Skills/Clinic/Externship with R&W component  
Other electives including Scholarly Writing  
Total Credits Accumulated 36/90

Year 2

Fall Credits
Evidence 3
Advocacy 3
Criminal Law 3
Electives or additional required courses 3
Total Credits Accumulated 48/90
Spring  Credits
Personal & Professional Responsibility 3
Writing for Practice 3
Constitutional Law 4
Elective 3
Total Credits Accumulated (60/90)
Summer Credits
Electives/experiential learning/skills 12
Total Credits Accumulated (72/90)

Year 3

Fall Credits
Criminal Procedure 3
Electives/experiential learning/skills 6
Including Intro to MBE bar exam preparation  
Total Credits Accumulated (81/90)
Spring Credits
Externship/electives 6
Bar Exam Skills or Florida Bar Exam Skills 3
Total Credits Accumulated (90/90)