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2-Year Accelerated Schedule

2-Year Accelerated Schedule

Attend classes five days per week for two years (24 months). There are no terms off; although, as with all programs at Cooley, there are term breaks. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss this option with an academic advisor. An admissions representative will also be able to offer an opinion on this program after reviewing your admissions credentials. This schedule allows for elective concentrations.

Cooley’s Accelerated Program allows students to complete their 90 credit program in only 24 months by attending year-round and earning 15 credits, three semesters a year. This is a rigorous program which is ideal for ambitious students looking to begin their legal careers quickly to maximize their earning potential and minimize the potential debt incurred from living expenses throughout law school. 


Year 1

Fall  Credits
Torts 4
Contracts 4
Research & Writing I 2
Introduction to Legislation, Regulation, and Statutory Interpretation 2
Criminal Law 3
Total Credits Accumulated (15/90)
Spring  Credits
Property 4
Civil Procedure 4
Constitutional Law 4
Research & Writing II 2
Elective 1
Total Credits Accumulated (30/90)
Summer  Credits
Experiential Learning Options 15
Skills/Clinic/Externship with R&W component  
Other electives including Scholarly Writing  
Introduction to PPR / Ethics Lab  
(This semester could be online with externship anywhere in the country)  
Total Credits Accumulated (45/90)

Year 2

Fall Credits
Evidence 3
Advocacy 3
Criminal Procedure 3
Electives or additional required courses 6
Total Credits Accumulated (60/90)
Spring Credits
Personal & Professional Responsibility 3
Writing for Practice 3
Electives/experiential learning/skills 9
Including Intro to MBE bar exam preparation  
Total Credits Accumulated (75/90)
Summer Credits
Externship/electives/skills 12
Bar Exam Skills or Florida Bar Exam Skills 3
Total Credits Accumulated (90/90)