Schedule Options

Schedule Options

Flexible Scheduling

We offer Schedule Options that fit your schedule. Pick yours.

schedule options

WMU-Cooley Law School offers some of the most flexible scheduling options of any law school in the nation.

Traditional J.D. Program

Students attend law school full-time for almost three years (32 months), attending classes two terms per year and receiving one term off per year. Learn more about WMU-Cooley's Traditional Program here.

LL.M. Program

Advance your J.D. degree with a Graduate LL.M. degree. Online and classroom options. Learn more about WMU-Cooley's LL.M. programs here.

Weekend J.D. Program

On campus classes are scheduled mornings and afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays, and last for 3 hours each. Students can enroll in 6, 9 or 12 credits each semester. Learn more about WMU-Cooley's Weekend Program here.

2-Year J.D. Accelerated J.D. Program

Attend classes five days per week for two years (24 months). Learn more WMU-Cooley's 2-Year Accelerated Program here.

3-Year Part-Time J.D. Program (year round)

Attend law school part-time for three years (36 months). Learn more WMU-Cooley's 3-Year Part-Time Program here.

4-Year Part-Time J.D. Program (year round)

Attend law school part-time for four years (48 months). Learn more WMU-Cooley's 4-Year Part-Time Program here.

5-Year Part-Time J.D. Program (year round)

Attend law school part-time for five years (60 months). Learn more WMU-Cooley's 5-Year Part-Time Program here.


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