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Enhanced J.D. Schedule Options

Law school is challenging, and it should be. Our schedule options are carefully designed to enhance your learning experience, foster critical thinking skills, and align your learning experience with your evolving needs, as a student and for the demands in a professional world.  

September Start: Classes offered M-F during the daytime. 

The following schedules are available in the fall at both our Lansing and Tampa Bay campuses.  

  1. TRADITIONAL SCHEDULE: Students attend law school full-time for almost three years (32 months), attending classes in the fall and spring semesters with the summer semesters off. This schedule is a traditional law school program, which allows students to gain legal experience while working in the summer semester.    
  2. ACCELERATED SCHEDULE:  Students complete their program in only 24 months (6 consecutive semesters) by attending year-round with 15 credits per semester. This is a rigorous program which is ideal for ambitious students looking to begin their legal careers quickly and minimize the debt incurred from living expenses throughout law school.    
  3. THREE-YEAR PART TIME SCHEDULE: Students complete their program in about three years (8 consecutive semesters) by attending year-round with 12 credits per semester. This schedule is the most popular choice among Cooley students. Many students find that this schedule creates a perfect balance between completing their degree in a typical three years but with time to participate in externships, extra and co-curricular activities throughout the year to achieve a well-rounded law school experience. 

January Start: Classes offered M-F during the evenings in Tampa and the Weekend/Blended program in Lansing. 

The following schedule is available in the spring at both our Lansing and Tampa Bay campuses.  

  1. FOUR-YEAR PART TIME (EVENING PROGRAM & WEEKEND-BLENDED) SCHEDULE: Attend law school part-time for just under four years (11 consecutive semesters). Students who are working or have family commitments while attending law school typically choose this schedule. The average semester credit load is 9 credits (3 classes).  

Our Generous Merit Scholarships Help Make Law School Affordable 

Financing law school can be a challenge for any law student. As much as we understand that a legal education is an investment in you, we also are prepared to reward academic excellence through a generous scholarship program, awarding unconditional awards up to 100% of tuition for all 90 credits. Find out more about scholarship opportunities:



What Scheduling Option is best for you?  

Please contact our Admissions Office at [email protected].