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Applying without a Bachelor's Degree

Applying without a Bachelor's Degree

option for exceptional applicants

The law school allows exceptional students to matriculate without an earned bachelor's degree. Applicants can apply with either two-years (60 credits) of undergraduate work applicable towards a bachelor's degree or an earned associate's degree. There is also an option to apply with three-quarters (90 credits) of the work done applicable towards a bachelor's degree. 

Candidates interested in applying under this policy should do their own research to determine if the state bar they are interested in applying to requires applicants to have earned a bachelor's degree. 

The Admissions review process for candidates without a bachelor's degree is more stringent than for candidates who will have earned degrees before matriculating, so applicants should have strong undergraduate grade point averages from the work they have completed, and they should have a strong LSAT score when applying. Interested candidates can contact the Admissions Office for more information.