Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Study Abroad Programs? You aren't the only one. Below are common questions we have received about the program.

Who can attend the Study Abroad Programs?

WMU-Cooley will consider applications from law students who are enrolled in good standing in an ABA-accredited or state-approved law school and have completed at least one year of study.

When do the programs take place?

Our Australia/New Zealand program is one semester long, running from January through April of every year. The Toronto program is a six-week program running from mid-May through late June. The five-week Oxford program begins the end of June through early August.

How do I apply?

Students must fill out an application that can be obtained on the website or by contacting the International Programs office. Each program also requires a deposit for tuition and sometimes housing (please see the individual program requirements, available on the website). Students who are not attending WMU-Cooley will also need their school to forward a letter of good standing and an official transcript.

Are there a limited number of students who can attend the programs?

Each program is different and varies each year. Generally, housing limitations affect the available spots. We will try to post to the website any limitations if and when we find out about them. If you have specific questions regarding individual programs, please e-mail us at [email protected].

What are the tuition costs?

All students will be billed for the same tuition they would pay if they attended classes here at WMU-Cooley. Your rate will not change. Please see each program to determine specific information on tuition.

Is my deposit refundable if I'm unable to attend the program?

Please see the current year brochure for the program you are interested in for specific refund polices. If you are placed on a waiting list and a space does not become available your deposit will be refunded regardless of the date. Should the program be cancelled for circumstances beyond our control, any monies paid will be fully refunded.

Are there course requirements?

Most of the program courses offered are electives. However, WMU-Cooley's program director(s) in Australia/New Zealand will teach a required course to provide students an opportunity to fulfill their curriculum requirement. Most programs have a minimum number of credits that must be taken. Please see the individual program descriptions for that information.

Can I change my class schedule once I have turned in my application?

Due to administrative costs that are incurred for the programs, students are required to take a certain number of credits at each program. Once the application is submitted, courses can be changed in accordance with the program’s drop/add guidelines. Once the programs have begun, you MAY NOT lower your credit hours. However, you may still change courses or add courses.

Is housing available?

We have excellent housing options at our Toronto, Oxford and Australia/New Zealand programs. More details about housing can be found in each program’s brochure.

Can we find our own housing at the program locations?

Yes, although we strongly encourage students to take advantage of any housing options that we make available to them at each program. We often are able to develop special programs and pricing, as well as trips and tours. It is also important not to totally separate yourself from the other students attending the program(s) by living elsewhere. However, special circumstances may be discussed with the International Programs office.

How should I plan my finances?

Our Financial Aid Office can assist in budgeting in terms of your major expenses. Financial aid is available and can also be discussed with the Financial Aid Office. Students attending the program(s) from schools other than WMU-Cooley should check with their Financial Aid office(s).

Do I need a passport and/or visa?

Yes. A passport is a must. If you are working with a travel agency they will usually take care of this process for you. You do not need a student visa, as you are not a guest student of any of the schools you attend overseas — you are a guest student of WMU-Cooley's. Therefore, you just need a tourist visa. For more details, please call our office.

For questions, concerns or more details on any of the above questions or for other questions, please contact us at [email protected].


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