Australia/New Zealand Study Abroad Program

Australia/New Zealand Study Abroad Program

Discover How to Spend a Semester Down Under

Australia/New Zealand

Western Michigan University Cooley Law School is proud to announce its 19th Australia/New Zealand Program, a semester program “Down Under”. This exciting program allows law students to live and study in New Zealand for about six weeks and the remainder of the semester in Australia. The program begins in Hamilton, New Zealand on January 3, 2018 and concludes in Melbourne, Australia, on April 13, 2018. Join us Down Under!

Program Details

Download the 2018 Application here - Guest Student (pdf)
Download the 2018 Professionalism Form here (pdf)
Download the 2018 Australia/New Zealand Brochure here (as of 11/29/2017 - pdf)
Download the 2018 Housing Booklet here (pdf)
Download the 2018 Housing Agreement here (pdf)
Download the 2018 Calendar here (as of 11-13-17 / pdf)

WMU-Cooley New Zealand Study Abroad


Waking up across the Pacific Ocean in a land far away called OZ. That is a nickname for Australia for those who that did not know. There is no Dorothy and Toto here but still plenty of places to explore. After waking up and getting ready for an exciting day you head out the door greeting a few of your fellow program participants from law schools around the United States. You head to class in bustling downtown Melbourne where class is held at the Monash University Law Chambers. You left a little early today so you would have some time to grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast or brekkie as some locals call it. Stopping at your favorite café on Queen Street you pick up a small breakfast sandwich. Nothing too big as you are meeting some new friends for lunch. They are local Australians you met last week at Bells Beach. A few of the new friends you made from the program will also be joining you. Time to head to class.

Today your Australian professor gives a great lecture with plenty of good class interactions. The Down Under Program has offered you an all-around authentic foreign study experience. It is not just interaction with a foreign culture in the local cafés but also in the classroom with top Australian professors.

You finish up your second and final class for the day, check your e-mail in the computer lab and head to lunch. When you arrive some of your group is already at the table planning what to do for the weekend. You already have seen a lot. The Great Ocean Road trip was awesome last week. The New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney just before the program started is something you will never forget. You pause a moment to take it all in. You would never be doing this back at home during a regular semester at law school. What an opportunity! You only have a few weeks left in Australia after a great adventure in New Zealand.

New Zealand

To think the semester Down Under began in New Zealand! Six weeks in beautiful and exotic New Zealand. The University of Waikato has a beautiful campus. It was a short walk from our dorms to the new Law and Management Building and Te Piringa-Faculty of Law building where the program is headquartered. The classes and the professors were fantastic. In the afternoon we studied by the “lakes”, drinking a coffee and soaking up the sun.

The first weekend is a visit to Raglan. The trip to Raglan was great! The world class surf beaches, the harbor, not to mention the artsy town itself, were awesome. Mata Mata and Hobbiton were nearby … it was fun to see the hobbit houses. The glaciers, bubbling beaches, the Milford Sound, boiling mud and geysers, glowworms…it was incredible!

You think what a great decision you made to come. Spending the semester in beautiful New Zealand and amazing Melbourne. "When will I ever have this opportunity again?" You begin to feel a little sorry for those left back at home just when your Australian friend taps you on the shoulder and says, "You're daydreaming mate". He is right. You rejoin the conversation planning your next adventure. However, in the back of your mind you are still patting yourself on the back for not missing this opportunity of a lifetime.

Quite different from the normal class week at your home campus isn’t it? Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity? If so, contact us for more information.

Save on Guest Student Tuition!

Guest students in the 2018 Down Under Program are charged a reduced tuition rate of $1,000 per semester hour.

Recruit A Friend Discount

All program participants have the opportunity to receive a one-time $100 credit toward tuition with the "Recruit a Friend" discount. The participant and all recruited friends must successfully complete the 2017 Program to receive the discount. For more information contact [email protected].

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Program. The application deadline for WMU-Cooley students is September 15, 2017, and for guest students is October 15, 2017. The 2018 brochure and application materials are available for download on this page. Send the completed application materials and $500 deposit to Western Michigan University Cooley Law School at the address below. Guest students may arrange with us to charge the deposit to a credit card. Also, the deposit may be paid by check or money order made payable to Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. $250 is refundable prior to October 15, 2017, after which the entire deposit is nonrefundable. Travel arrangements and accommodations should not be arranged before WMU-Cooley officially notifies applicants of acceptance into the program. Classes may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  Participants will be promptly notified and opportunity provided to adjust their class schedules.

Contact Information and Mailing Address:

Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
International Programs Office
300 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 371-5140
[email protected]

Note: Current WMU-Cooley students please visit our site on the portal here for application information.


The Western Michigan University Cooley Law School will consider applications from law students who are enrolled in good standing at an ABA-approved or state accredited law school and have completed at least one year of law study before the start of the program. Students from other ABA-approved or state accredited law schools must ask their school to send an official transcript and letter of good standing to WMU-Cooley Law School verifying their eligibility.

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Certificate of Completion

Students who successfully complete a WMU-Cooley foreign study program receive a certificate suitable for framing and may note on their curriculum vitae "Certificate, (applicable year e.g., 2018) Australia/New Zealand Study Abroad Program, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School." It would be a misrepresentation to assert that you were a student of University of Waikato and Monash University. Note: The University of Waikato and University of Waikato Te PiringaFaculty of Law, and the University of Monash and Monash University Law Chambers do not award credit for this program.

Educational Objectives

  1. The educational objectives for the WMU-Cooley Study Abroad program are:
  2. Encounter other cultures and legal theory and systems
  3. Attend legal courses that are international and comparative in focus
  4. Participate in legal events that familiarize them with the legal system of the host country
  5. Gain an international and comparative perspective of the law
  6. Experience daily living in a different culture

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If you would like to receive information about our study abroad programs, please contact the International Programs office at [email protected]. Those on our e-mail list are the first to know about the program. They also receive very special program opportunities for current and future programs. 

  • Great Ocean Road

    Great Ocean Road

  • Students enjoying the Great Ocean Road

    Students enjoying the Great Ocean Road

  • Koala in Australia

    Koala in Australia

  • Great Ocean Road view

    Great Ocean Road view

  • Sunset in Melbourne

    Sunset in Melbourne

  • A day at the courts in Australia

    A day at the courts in Australia

  • Sky high view 

    Sky high view 

  • New Zealand Landscape

    New Zealand Landscape

  • New Zealand Spires

    New Zealand Spires


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