WMU-Cooley Study Abroad Programs

WMU-Cooley Study Abroad Programs


WMU-Cooley offers students the opportunity to study abroad in the most interesting corners of the world. Read exploits of our law students abroad by visiting WMU-Cooley’s blog site here.  Please contact the International Programs Office should you have any questions about participation in study abroad and the programs in which you are interested.

Study Abroad Programs

"WMU-Cooley's International Programs Office changed for me what a law school experience really means in today's world. What I thought law school looked like when I first started and what I saw in Toronto and Oxford changed my perspective. The books are still stacked high, but now so is my sense of a global legal education."  Charles Hickman, WMU-Cooley participant in the Toronto and Oxford programsStudy Abroad Programs

NOTE: The 2020 Toronto and Oxford Programs have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Australia/New Zealand

WMU-Cooley Australia/New Zealand Study Abroad ProgramThe Australia/New Zealand Program is a semester program “Down Under”.  This exciting program allows law students to live and study in New Zealand for about five weeks and the remainder of the semester in Australia.  Find out more on Australia/New Zealand here


Toronto, Canada

toronto_cntower.jpgThe WMU-Cooley Law School Toronto summer program is hosted at the University of St. Michael's College in downtown Toronto, Canada.  A maximum of six credits may be earned during the two 3-week sessions. The 2020 Toronto Program has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in an economical study abroad program that features important international law topics, including Canadian law topics, and outstanding faculty members.  Find out more on Toronto, Canada here



Oxford, England

WMU-Cooley Oxford, England, Study Abroad ProgramWMU-Cooley Law School summer program is hosted in Oxford, England. The five-week, 6-credit program takes place during July and the first week in August. Find out more on the Oxford, England program hereThe 2020 Oxford Program has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Münster, Germany

Munster University in GermanyWMU-Cooley Law School and the University of Münster's law school have an agreement that allows WMU-Cooley students the opportunity to learn and teach as part of a student exchange program.  The program provides participating students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in international law. All the courses are taught in English. Find out more about our Münster, Germany Exchange Program here. 



Santander, Spain

spain.jpgWMU-Cooley students have the opportunity to study at the University of Cantabria law school in Santander, Spain. The program provides participating students the opportunity to immerse themselves in comparative and international law.  Find out more about our Santander, Spain Exchange Program here. 





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