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President and Dean Don LeDuc


President LeDuc has written essays reflecting on the Law School, legal education, the organized bar, and the role of law schools and lawyers in society. This page presents a sample of President LeDuc's work with a synopsis and link to the full text of each essay.   

Speak Out Against Outrageous Character Assassination

Published May 4, 2018: This essay, President LeDuc responds to an offensive and outrageous Politico article attempting to attribute the alleged misconduct of a person who attended a law school some 27 years earlier.

The WMU-Cooley Lawsuit Against the American Bar Association 

Published December 13, 2017: This essay examines the words "appear capable" and the vague and undefined three-part standard that law schools are required to satisfy while at the same time the ABA provides no rationale or clear way to know how to meet that standard.

Latest Student Loan Default Rates

Published November 21, 2017: This essay debunks the misperception that law students, particularly WMU-Cooley law students, have high student loan default rates.  Meanwhile, the ABA maintains a double standard by requiring only independent law schools, not university-based law schools, to report default rates.  Its failure to provide data to support claims of high law school loan default rates is unjustified, particularly since it already possesses the independent school information and has the ability to require the university law schools to provide their data.    

A Hypothetical Congressional Hearing on Legal Education

Published October 5, 2017: This essay discusses key issues facing legal education such as learning outcomes, student debt, lawyer employment, cost of education, admissions processes and standards, bar pass rates, and the quality of legal education, all in the innovative format of hypothetical testimony given by an experienced law school dean to a congressional committee.

WMU-Cooley: A Different Law School. A Different Mission

Published August 30, 2017: This essay, President LeDuc's brief history of the Law School shows the strength in the School's differences from other law schools. Its access and practice missions allow it to provide legal education to students of all backgrounds, affording them the opportunity to become outstanding practitioners.  The School's admission practices are based on statistical data that allow the School to inform every admitted student about his or her chances for academic success. And the School's approaches to student profiles, academic support, bar preparation, and how it deals with students sets it apart for the rest of the legal academy.


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