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Campus Locations


When attending law school, decisions come with the territory — but WMU-Cooley is the only law school in America that lets you decide where to study. With locations in Michigan and Florida offering the J.D. degree, we bring you the best of both north and south, we are one school with two locations. One J.D. application, one J.D. curriculum, two campuses each with outstanding faculty and staff.

Choose the setting of your law school experience

Our J.D. campuses in Lansing and Tampa Bay provide a comfortable and inviting learning environment in beautiful surroundings. You can choose one location for your entire enrollment, or switch between locations.
Each facility offers innovative technology; quiet and safe study areas; and inviting spaces to meet and network. In addition, both campuses deliver the same law program and feature these outstanding amenities:

  • Spacious and modern facilities
  • Appellate and trial courtrooms
  • High-tech courtrooms & classrooms
  • Expansive and comfortable library staffed seven days a week
  • Wireless access
  • Career & Professional Development Office
  • Academic Resource Center
  • Student Bar Association
  • Student organizations
  • Student services
  • In-house clinics
  • Access to more than 3,000 externship sites
  • Full-time faculty for required J.D. courses
  • Faculty advisor

The choice is yours: Do you want to live and study in the Great Lakes State or in the Sunshine State?

No matter your preference, we offer the perfect setting for your law school experience and your lifestyle.
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