Cooley's Library exceeds 100,000 volumes


Cooley's library collection exceeds 100,000 volumes.

Cooley's library collection exceeds 100,000 volumes.

The American Bar Association Inspection team revisits Cooley. Cooley's operational budget for the year is 3.8 million dollars.

Attorney F. Lee Bailey addresses the graduating seniors of the Dethmers Class.

The main law school building becomes air-conditioned.

The "Sallie Mae" loan consolidation program is available to Cooley students.

Thomas M. Cooley volumes.

« Thomas M. Cooley volumes.

The first law school alumni directory is published.

The Cooley student newspaper wins the 1981 ABA Newspaper Competition in the Editorial Work on Internal Law School Affairs Category.

The Dean's List is established.

In the summer of 1981, more than 20 students journeyed to Caen, a Lansing-size town in Normandy, France, for Cooley's inaugural foreign study program.

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