Weekend (Part-Time) Schedule

Classes are scheduled mornings and afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays, and last for 3 hours each.

Students complete their entire legal education through weekend classes. Weekend programs begin each term at one of Cooley's campuses, and courses are offered at that campus in this sequence. Weekend classes enter in September in Lansing, January in Grand Rapids, and May in Auburn Hills.

First Year

Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Property I, Torts I, Criminal Law
Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars (recommended), Contracts II, Property II, Torts II, Civil Procedure I
Term 3: Personal and Professional Responsibility, Research & Writing, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure II

Second Year

Term 4: Constitutional Law I, Taxation, Evidence
Term 5: Constitutional Law II, Wills, Estates & Trusts, Business Organizations
Term 6: Secured Transactions, Remedies, Choice of one: Pretrial Skills, Sales, or Administrative Law

Third Year

Term 7: Advanced Writing, Electives
Term 8: Practice Bar Exam (recommended), Electives
Term 9: Bar Preparation Course (recommended), Electives